Review: the Linda Ladies Wetsuit

Allow me to introduce the shorty wetsuit of dreams. 

A shorty wetsuit that is dying to be taken on adventures, powerful enough to handle your energy, bold enough to boast your personality and flexible enough to support you through the most dynamic action sports.

The Linda shorty wetsuit is pioneering in design with staggeringly thoughtful execution.

Unlike some shorty wetsuits, this isn’t a sit on the beach and look pretty shorty wetsuit. 

This is a serious shorty wetsuit. 

Behold the Vivida Lifestyle Ladies Linda Shorty Wetsuit.

Innovation, style and sustainability are blended beautifully to create this piece of kit. We think it's the best shorty wetsuit around. 

You will be buying two shorty wetsuits for the price of one, given that this long sleeve shorty wetsuit is fully reversible. One side is two-toned charcoal and graphite, and the other is Map of Dreams print so you can pick your groove depending on your mood…

Eco CarbonBlack neoprene is used to make the Linda shorty wetsuit. Eco CarbonBlack neoprene is made from scrap rubber tyres, earth-mined limestone and recycled plastic bottle linings, secured together using solvent-free glue. These materials are some of the highest quality specs on the market today when it comes to sustainable wetsuits. 

We tested this long sleeve shorty wetsuit with windsurfers, surfers, cold water swimmers, kitesurfers and sailors alike and have put together a step-by-step review to see if the Linda is the best shorty wetsuit for you. 

Enjoy our Linda ladies' wetsuit review.


  • SIZE & FIT



    Let’s address the elephant in the room here; it's reversible, you’re getting two wetsuits making it an affordable wetsuit for those who love to travel. 


    That means you pack less, spend less, wash less but wear more. 

    Any traveller out there knows the value of packing light and this shorty wetsuit can turn a long surf trip with only one style to choose from into a walk-in wardrobe of options. 

    The designs are faultless and align with Vividas ethos bringing together collectives of adventurers the dreamers the thinkers & the doers.

    We struggle to choose a favourite side to this shorty wetsuit. 

    Here we have the charcoal and graphite two-toned option. 

    Light graphite grey colour for the bottom half of the wetsuit shaped into a bikini pant style. The upper half of the suit has long arms in charcoal matte black, embossed with a subtle Vivida branding and a front chest zip style.

    Woman wears Linda Reversible Wetsuit - Graphite / Map of Dreams

    Here is the Map of dreams option. 

    This print is a design innovation. The stunning pastel blue map embodies the notion of manifesting our travelling dreams, being present in the adventure we’re in and representing the global connection of the brand. 

    The dark blue illustrations and labels are living artwork that adapts and updates along with the earth and its ever-changing landscape. The lower half is a neutral dark tone to really make the map stand to attention. 

    Woman wears Linda Reversible Wetsuit - Graphite / Map of Dreams

    It has a half-front chest zip design which not only looks cool but ensures easy putting on and taking off. We found that wearing bikinis and swimwear underneath is doable in this suit too, as the flexible neoprene material and fit ensures there's enough room to allow for swimwear underneath without digging in if that’s your preference. 


    neoprene quality wetsuit

    Made entirely using Eco CarbonBlack neoprene which is made from recycled 25 plastic bottles per wetsuit, used car tyres and earth-mined limestone, this shorty wetsuit is produced using the highest quality eco materials on the market today unlike other wetsuits. 

    The wetsuit is 2mm neoprene thickness in every area, ensuring a snug fit with no room for water to flush through, and ultimate insulation. 

    Perfect for winter surfing, warm summer days in cooler climates and cooler/windier days in warmer climates. Or, simply the days where you feel you need more protection and coverage. 

    There are no underarm seams stitched into the shorty wetsuit which we found gives the user a feeling of free movement and maximum mobility, especially when surfing or cold water swimming. 

    The seams are super soft and the FlatLock seam system gives the suit ultimate durability, especially when the suit is being used in cold water temperatures or harsher, saltier and more abrasive weather conditions. 


    Never have to make the choice between function or fashion ever again. 

    Surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, cold water swimmers. 

    This shorty suit does it all. 

    Not only is it gorgeous and stands out on the water, but it is also fully insulated with taped seams, and it's neoprene panels are stretchy enough to move with you during high adrenaline action sports. 

    Comfort is something you won’t be craving when you slip into the Linda shorty wetsuit. 

    It doesn’t dig in under the arms when you’re paddling out through sets of waves or pinch your shoulders when you’re swimming, and it dries quickly in the sun. 

    All you need to do is lie the suit on your board for example and it will be dry in no time, ready for the afternoon session. You can change style/colour depending on your vibe that day! Boom. What more could you ask for in a shorty wetsuit?


    The zip on this suit needs to be elite because the functionality of the dual-use reversibility feature hangs on the efficiency of the zip. 

    Vivida has doubled down on the quality of this and used a reversible YKK Vision zipper with pulley system. 

    It won’t erode with salt wear and tear, get lodged in place, stop the ability to reverse the suit when you need it most, or risk you getting stuck in the suit. If this has happened to you before, you know the feeling! It's not fun!

    zip wetsuit


    • The benefits of a shorty wetsuit are:
    • More protected on the water without trapping too much body heat causing overheating
    • More manoeuvrability on the water than thicker wetsuits, specifically overhead mobility for paddling, supping, swimming and windsurfing
    • More protection from the sun than a swimsuit, shoulders and back are fully covered in the Linda shorty wetsuit, less likely to suffer from sunstroke
    • More time on the water as you are less likely to suffer some windchill coldness in warmer climates
    • More confidence to attack your chosen water sport whilst being fully supported with no risks of bikini slippage 
    • Easier to put on a long wetsuit (less neoprene to overcome = less energy required to move)
    • Cheaper than a full wetsuit
    • Dries quicker than a full suit (especially with the eco-friendly, quick dry materials)
    • Smaller to pack and roll up when travelling 
    • Setbacks of a shorty wetsuit are:
    • Less full body sun protection 
    • Less lower limb protection from fins, foils, boards and corals etc
    • Less insulated than a long wetsuit, not suitable for colder climates


    Vivida has ensured that no petrochemicals have been used in the making of the Ladies Linda shorty wetsuit. This coupled with the use of the Eco CarbonBlack neoprene lowers the overall environmental impact the wetsuit has on the planet, by significantly reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

    Not only that, but even the glue used to bind the seams is non-toxic, water-based and contains no harmful VOCs. Meaning we are not hurting our wonderful planet by purchasing this shorty wetsuit. 

    Vivida is partnered with Bluesign fabrics so you can rest assured the highest standards have been upheld for responsible manufacturing. Read more about Bluesign and Vivida’s standards here.

    SIZE & FIT

    The shorty wetsuit comes in XS, S, M, L, XL and flatters all body shapes due to its curve-hugging material. 

    It complements your shape without being too revealing on the cleavage. The front chest zip of the shorty wetsuit gives you the option to lower the neckline for different bust shapes, or even let some air in if you start to overheat on the water. 

    The lower portion of the wetsuit doesn’t reveal too much either, the cheeky bikini style shape holds you in whilst combining maximum freedom with maximum support. 

    The benefit of the above-mentioned soft seams in the Eco CarbonBlack foam neoprene is that movement restriction won’t be a problem and the neoprene bends and flexes with your body, like a second skin.

    The long-arm, short-leg design combination is perfect for adventurers wanting protection from the sun, wind, and potentially dangerous equipment, such as foils without overheating or requiring much physicality to put it on. 

    There’s nothing worse than wriggling into a shorty wetsuit that is ill-fitting or not purpose-built.

    For a detailed size guide of the Linda shorty wetsuit, hit this link.


    Once you get your hands on the Linda shorty wetsuit you are going to be persuaded to take as best care of it as you can.

    The neoprene is pretty durable but you can extend the life of watersports gear by taking precautions against wear and tear, whilst also keeping the colours fresh and un-sunbleached.

    We suggest hand washing the suit with cold water, and try not to let it dry out repeatedly in the sun. If you come out of the sea, run it through some fresh water to exterminate the risk of salt damage, and leave it to drip dry. 

    A little tip when drying salty kit, garments will dry quicker if the salt is washed away with fresh water. 

    Let your friends, family and strangers try it and spread the Linda love!


    If you want to go the full hog and match your wetsuit to your towel poncho. The Map of Dreams towel poncho is a top contender. The lightweight, quick-drying towelling material is the perfect partner in crime for the Linda shorty wetsuit. Get a closer look at the Map of Dreams as it is displayed in all its glory and expanded across the towel. 

    Man wears poncho towel Map of Dreams

    There is also a Map of Dreams neoprene hoodie on offer that is super dreamy. Neoprene hoodies are the holy grail of water sports kit and every fanatic needs one. You could wear your Linda shorty wetsuit underneath and the neoprene hoodie on top. Become a fully-fledged Vivida neoprene warrior!

    neoprene hoodie

    I hope you found the Vivida Lifestyle Ladies Linda shorty wetsuit review helpful, and I'll see you rocking it on the water very soon…

    Indie Bornhoft is a personal trainer and watersports coach, who encourages her clients to make movement their mantra. She has coached every ability in wakeboarding, paddleboarding, SUP fitness, and windsurfing for over ten years, and is highly qualified in all disciplines. Discover more about her drive to just keep moving and be inspired to connect to the raw power of body & spirit through fitness.