Vivida Lifestyle leads a movement of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers, and doers. By creating products that support & empower this lifestyle, we hope to inspire an ever-growing community that pursues life in all the many ways that bring joy & meaning. With a philosophy deeply rooted in passion, mindfulness, and action, our company culture proves to embody these values just the same.

We are looking for people who love a challenge, a creative approach and a commitment to doing one’s best work. If you’re highly motivated, love taking action, and thrive both independently or alongside a team - we want to hear from you.


TRANSPARENCY – From day one, Vivida has always practiced radical transparency. For a team to be in alignment, and for honesty to hold its value in business, communication and openness is key. This is why we continually pursue transparency in all that we do, from hiring, to product development, future planning, and more.

SUSTAINABILITY -We believe we can make a difference and will always strive to do better. Sustainability is not a buzzword to us, it’s a very real and important aspect of our business that we continue to integrate as we grow.

HARD WORK – When you are doing what you love, hard work comes naturally. In a small business such as ours, every team member does their best because their work matters. There are no cubicles or small cogs in the machine, only hugely impactful and important roles that help this company to reach its potential.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY – Diversity, inclusion, giving everyone the opportunity to join us and succeed – we hold tightly to these basic rights and values for all.

FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY – All positions at Vivida are remote, which provides the freedom to work from anywhere and the flexibility to do your work in a way that suits your best life.

LIFELONG LEARNING – We understand you may want to grow and adjust in your career as time goes by. We fully support education and learning in ways that may inspire you to grow into new responsibilities with the company or enrich your life otherwise.

WORK / LIFE BALANCE – We believe that balancing one’s work with life’s other priorities is monumentally important. Whether taking a lunch break to practice yoga, or making time for a surf session, at Vivida, we understand it’s in balancing these things that life at work, home, and play can truly function at its best.


Location: Remote

Our current management team works remotely in various locations in the UK, Europe and USA.

For the Vivida Lifestyle project to grow, we recognise the need to bring on experts to commercialise the brand, build a strong foundational business base, all while staying aligned & true to our brand values & deeper purpose. We are proud of our soulful culture and we strive to foster this contagious momentum by hiring and retaining smart, creative people who through communication and collaboration are able to deliver the story and energy of the Vivida Lifestyle.

Open roles below. If we are not currently hiring for a position suited to you please submit your profile above - we want to be proactive in accumulating profiles in advance of positions becoming available.

Position: Freelance Writers

We're looking to build long term partnerships with talented freelance writers who can bring expertise or original point of view to our Magazine, on topics related to our products, adventure, water sports and well being. This is an open role with positions for several candidates.

Location: Remote, you can be based anywhere in the world

Hours: Freelance, no set contract. We’d initially commission 1 story with scope for an ongoing freelance relationship with regular commissions.

Pay: £60-£80 per 1000 words, depending on experience

About the Vivida Magazine:

The Vivida Magazine is an online hub of knowledge and inspiration on topics ranging from Vivida gear, watersports, flow-sports, wellness, fitness, nature and travel. The readers, the Vivida community, are adventurous in spirit, curious, sustainably-conscious and active/outdoorsy.

About you:

We’re looking for knowledgable kiteboarders, kitesurfers, surfers, wild swimmers and wellness experts to share their knowledge with Vivida’s community by writing for our Magazine on a freelance basis. You might be a trained yogi, an experienced & well-adventured surfer or kiter, keen nature enthusiast or someone who just enjoys taking to the water at weekends and wants to flex their writing skills.

Your Experience:

We’re not necessarily looking for expert/highly experienced copywriters, but you do need to have perfect spelling and grammar, and demonstrate that you’ll be able to write to our house style. You’ll also need to be comfortable with edits being made to your work and receiving constructive feedback if your writing doesn’t gel with our house style.

What you would do:

To start with, we'd commision you to write one story of around 1000 words, with scope for regular or ad hoc commissions on a freelance basis, as best suits both us and you. Ideally you’d have regular ideas for stories that you would pitch to us, while also being on board for taking commissions from us that align with your interests and experiences as we need them.

Topics could include:

• How to get into kitesurfing

• Your experience of cold water immersion

• Surfing tips to take you to the next level

• How to have a better night’s sleep

Have a read of our Magazine for inspiration.

Opportunity for regular commissions:

We’re particularly keen to start a written series of the best surf, kitesurf and wild swimming spots in regions around the world. We would be open to hiring somebody to head up the entire series and commission extra contributors to the series as needed.

When you apply:

• Read our Tone of Voice guidelines here

• Submit a brief pitch for your first story (a short paragraph), including the topic, an outline of the angle you would take and why you’re the best person to write it. 

• Submit an example piece of writing in our house style on what water means to you personally (at most 500 words).

• Tell us a bit about you, your experiences with water sports or flow sports and any connection you have to Vivida (short paragraph).

• Submit a portfolio (if you have one, no stress if you don’t).

Please note: This is an open job role that we will continue advertising. There is no dealine for submissions. We will be in touch if we believe you could be suitable for working with us, but unfortunately we can’t respond to every applicant as we’re a very small team.

Position: Freelance Photographers

We're looking to build long term partnerships with talented freelance photographers who can bring exceptionally creative content of our products infused with lifestyle & epic nature adventure scenery.

The Ideal candidate:

• Already located / or travel frequently to beautiful scenic locations

• Work experience with other brands in our space or an existing portfolio of strong shots

• Kitesurfer / Surfer / Adventurer / Traveller / Yogi / Traveller / Outdoors & nature enthusiast

• A nimble spirit that can run the end-to-end management, from mood board to creative art direction to model management, etc.

When applying:

Please send us:

• Examples of work you have done that helps us imagine what you'd do for Vivida

Please note:

This is not a full time role, and not a role we are looking to fill urgently. The purpose of this job opening is for us to build up a portfolio of fantastic freelance photographers that we can contact for future campaigns. We know that as Vivida grows, we will put more resources into visual storytelling & photography. In the near future we will come to need a regular photographer that we work with on a project basis, which will eventually transition to full time in-house role, but this will not happen for a few years.

Many applicants have been calling in (or WhatsApping in) to check in on status. To manage expectations, please know that we are receiving all applications and keeping them on file, but do not expect a reply as this is not a time sensitive position. As the brand and business grows, we will dip into our growing list of photographer applicants and reach out to a select few that stand out to us most.

Hope that helps, and thanks for understanding!

Positions available for United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean.

Not essential but experience & already established network much preferred, ideally in the space of sustainable sportswear, activewear, swimwear, apparel, and the outdoors, lifestyle brands, surf, kitesurf, yoga, wakeboarding.

Please note this is not a position with a fixed salary; commission is earned on sales.