This is a feed of the Vivida community living #vividamoments while being #spottedinvivida on Instagram


This is a feed of the Vivida community living #vividamoments while being #spottedinvivida on Instagram

Inspire & Empower

Support a global community of like-minded, passionate individuals that inspire & empower one another to live balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles doing what they love.

Best & Most Sustainable Product

Build the best and most sustainable activewear and accessories for watersports, yoga, and life. Pieces of art that combine beauty and function, serving as tools to empower the Vivida community to pursue their passions.

Protect our Planet

Promote connection to and appreciation for nature. Ensure we’re not only doing more good than harm but that we are being good stewards in the industry and inspiring others to take action.

It is our hope that we inspire a community of more action, less fear, and the pursuit of a life well-lived with love, gratitude, connection, and mindfulness.


Considered leaders of the ever growing Vivida Lifestyle Community, TeamVivida members are role models who personify the Vivida concept - which is best represented by shared core values, in alignment with the “viva la vida’, live well mindset. Be it through watersports, yoga, adventure, art, or other passions, TeamVivida inspires and supports their micro communities with kind, supportive, curious, and creative enthusiasm. Along their journeys, they hold the Vivida flag high and their excitement for the movement is uniquely sincere, heartfelt & contagious.

Meet The Team
Vivida Lifestyle is community, philosophy, and lifestyle - built for you, supported by you, and lived by you.