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This is a feed of the Vivida community #livingvivida while being #spottedinvivida on Instagram.

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It is our hope that we inspire a community of more action, less fear, and the pursuit of a life well-lived with love, gratitude, connection, and mindfulness.


Considered leaders of the ever growing Vivida Lifestyle Community, TeamVivida members are role models who personify the Vivida concept - which is best represented by shared core values, in alignment with the “viva la vida’, live well mindset. Be it through watersports, yoga, adventure, art, or other passions, TeamVivida inspires and supports their micro communities with kind, supportive, curious, and creative enthusiasm. Along their journeys, they hold the Vivida flag high and their excitement for the movement is uniquely sincere, heartfelt & contagious.

Meet The Team

Vivida Lifestyle is community, philosophy, and lifestyle - built for you, supported by you, and lived by you.

“For me, Vivida represents kindness, freedom, wanderlust and happiness. It means pushing ourselves, being proud of who we are."

— A. Chevrier (Adventurer, Teacher, Kitesurfer, Netball Coach)

“Vivida Lifestyle brings you back to yourself - it’s a shell and foundation that connects you to people on a journey. It’s a forum of conscious people.”

— H.K. Topping (Investment Banker, Adventurer)

“The real beauty to me of Vivida is the fact that it’s not about being a money-making machine. It’s not about being a label or a brand."

— T. Wells (World Traveller, Surfer, Dancer, Free Spirit)

“Vivida is not a passing brand. It is a mindset. It is a vision. It is a place you can be yourself; release your inhibitions.”

— H.K. Topping (Investment Banker, Adventurer)

"I love the enthusiasm of the movement. The brand, the riders, the community behind Vivida. There’s so much positivity coming out from both the online presence and on the water."

— R. Tarr (Photographer, Surfer)

"Vivida is something SPECIAL. Vivida is connecting people to do what they LOVE and share their PASSION and TIME together. :)”

— Paula Novotná (Pro Kiteboarder)

“Vivida is like a moving body of positivity and ideas that is constantly evolving and changing.”

— E. Zuben

“Vivida is about having fun, enjoying what you do and sharing that passion. It doesn’t matter who you are, it is about what you do and where you want to go.”

— S. Jackson

“Viva la vida, o vivi la vita as I say in Italian, it’s exactly the way I do interpret my life. Live my life to the fullest enjoying each moment.”

— S. Timpano (Kiteboarder)