Together - The Vivida Lifestyle Movie

How this early-days film shaped a grassroots movement and ignited a purpose-led brand and community. 

David, the founder of Vivida Lifestyle, began his journey by changing his path early in life, zigging when he could have zagged. The former, representing an existence that his soul drew him to - a path less chosen, and the latter encompassing a life of predictability. The journey he chose soon unveiled far flung destinations, unique cultures, perspectives, and people. It was in these experiences that he understood that simply seeking a life of adventure, meaning & connection would produce a life worthy of exploring. And explore he did… as well as film. 

In his journeys he began to capture the beauty he witnessed - people and places on camera, further igniting a vision of what Vivida could be. The 'Together' movie encapsulates this time, before branding or business, when Vivida was just an idea.Through the film, the audience can experience the joy of Vivida’s beginning and the purity of its early stages… organic and real and motivated by the moments of lives well-lived.  

Taking the form of ocean adventures, salsa dancing and friendships forged on continents across the globe... Vivida grew into a movement. This movement was inspirational, empowering, inclusive and could be applied to any person, anywhere. Follow your passion - do what you love - pursue flow - be adventurous - find your journey beyond the predictable, beyond your mind’s limits. 'Together' highlights these early days with an uncomplicated perspective with simple Vivida-branded t-shirts and explorations of all kinds. The people showcased in the film - those who overlapped in time & place with David - include some of the very first Vivida ambassadors and visionaries that helped to bring Vivida to where it is today, inspired by the brand’s ethos and truth. 

While the film, circa 2016, is now a Vivida classic, it illuminates how far Vivida has come, and all that has transpired for Vivida to become a truly global movement and community built alongside real people, authentic purpose, and a radical vision. 

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Discover the healing journey of Greidy Diaz, one of the special people featured in the Together movie, and how kite surfing helped him move on from poverty and abuse to a hopeful future.  


Jackie Tyburski dives deep into the stories and true essence of the Vivida Lifestyle brand, ethos, and mission. She believes the right words illuminate our purpose and capture life's moments in pure, imperfect, and poetic form. Travelling, cooking, yoga, and paddle-boarding are a few of Jackie's other favourite things, alongside being a mom and wife to a few awesome humans.