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B2B Ordering Platform


Vivida brings a unique and exciting product range to shops around the world. Stockists are physical touch points for the global Vivida community, and collaborators in spreading the Vivida message and spirit. We invest in giving our customers exceptional customer service, and our community exceptional attention and support. We’re excited to support retailers with a similar customer ethos.

Sports Clubs

Unite your team members with matching kit that stands out for all the right reasons. Vivida watersports gear is designed to be as beautiful as it is functional, while on or off the water. We’ve kitted out swim teams, surf clubs and more, from enthusiast to professional level.

Production Companies & Wardrobe Departments

Our changing robes are favoured by movie, tv, photo shoot and music video production companies for their soft premium feel, beautifully minimal design, unbeatable warmth, lightness and sustainability credentials. Cast and crew alike will be keen to take them home when filming is wrapped!

A Differentiator

Vivida stands out as the anti-corporate, sustainable and responsible up-and-coming brand. By choosing us, you differentiate your shop, club or team, while also offering quality and sustainability

Hybrid Value

Each product combines high performance and style, not just one or the other.

A True Movement

Vivida is not just about making money, we inspire a lifestyle, lead a movement, and have an existing and loyal community behind us. This community is eager to see Vivida in their local stores and share the love when they see a stranger #SpottedInVivda.

Healthy Production

We don’t subscribe to ‘seasonal’ products, which is bad for retailers. Our products get updates when there is a need/demand for it, so our products rarely become ‘outdated’ or ‘past season’. This means each piece is a worthwhile investment for you, your customer, your crew or club. For retailers this also means less discounting and blowout sales required, keeping your margins higher, happier and healthier.

Unexpected Attention to Detail

It's the small touches we value most, like hidden zip pockets or subtle inspirational quotes inside our garments. It's little details like these that all add up to creating a true movement behind the brand. They provide a breath of fresh air for stores or organisations, and nice little surprises for the wearer. It's those little feel-good moments that start to get people hooked on the mentality of Vivida - and trust us, it's contagious!

B2B E-commerce Experience

No tedious excel sheets with our Online B2B ordering platform. We just ask a few questions before you get started, to get to know you better. Once we're sure we're a good fit, you'll be given your own log in to our B2B portal, giving you access to browse and place your order online easily, whenever you like.