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A rash guard or rash vest is the perfect way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays or the chill of the morning’s surf. They can also save your arms from grazes and scrapes if a wipeout is in the cards. Even if watersports are just a small part of your day, a beautifully-designed women's rash guard can look & feel great on the beach for jogging, yoga, volleyball or more.

Our Women of the Sea rash guard in bamboo tropics is designed in a lush, flowing tropical print in shades selected to be in harmony with the ocean. Its peek-a-boo back and cropped fit make it as feminine as it is practical.

For the dreamers, the Women of the Sea in dreamy blue can transport you to clear blue tropical waters, no matter where you are in the world. Pair its perfectly soft post-consumer recycled fabric with high-waisted sustainable bikini bottoms for a beach-ready look that will help turn your daydreams into ocean adventures.

Choose the midnight feather Women of the Sea rash guard for women who want to feel free in the water. Our long-sleeve rash guards offer maximum manoeuvrability with thoughtful features and soft, supportive fabrics.

Rash guards for swimming are a great option, whether you’re an open water pro or just starting out. A long sleeve rash guard can help keep your muscles warm and avoid cramps. On sunny days, a rash guard provides some UV protection, so you can focus on enjoying swimming in nature, not worrying about your skin.

Why are Vivida Lifestyle rash guards the best option for swimmers and surfers alike? Because they care for the planet as much as they do for your skin. Our rash guards are designed with a cropped fit and light compression to fit snuggly, allowing you to move with ease whilst feeling supported. Whichever one of our designs you fall in love with, all our women’s rash guards are created from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, using innovative technology to form high-performance, premium-quality fabrics.

Because we love the earth, ocean, and beyond, we encourage all our Vivida customers to care for their new rash guard to make them last longer. By buying less, you can focus on quality and enjoy items you love for longer.

Our promise to you is that every one of our sustainable rash guards is tested for performance so you can choose the one your heart is drawn to most.