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kitesurf bikinis

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kitesurf poncho towel

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Vivida Lifestyle is an outdoor adventure lifestyle brand for the adventurers the dreamers the thinkers and the doers. Our mission is to inspire and support a way of living that is appreciative of life's beauty, while building the best product for adventure, kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, yoga and more! Wear Vivida. Feel Vivida. 

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Building the best & most sustainable activewear and accessories for watersports, yoga, and life.

For the adventurers the dreamers the thinkers and the doers. Vivida is a community. A philosophy. A lifestyle. Vivida builds the best and most sustainable activewear and accessories for watersports, yoga, and life. Vivida supports a global community of like-minded individuals that inspire and empower one another to live balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles doing what they love.

kitesurf bikini


Surf & kitesurf bikinis that hold and stay put. Made with you and the planet in mind. Manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. Combines supreme functionality with gorgeous free-spirited fashion.

Surf Poncho Towel

Poncho Towels

Vivida makes the best hooded poncho towel changing robes in the world. Allowing you to change in and out of your bikini, swimsuit, or wetsuit, and towel yourself down in privacy.

Duffel bag

Water Resistant Duffel Bag Backpack

The ultimate travel adventure bag with 3 strap options; padded backpack straps, carry handles or shoulder strap.

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws

Reduce your consumption of single-use plastic. Millions of plastic straws are used each day and eventually end up in our oceans and waterways, harming innocent sea life and marine birds. If you must use a straw, make it a reusable one.

Yoga Leggings

Leggings & Sports Bras

Soft high quality Yoga Leggings & Sports Bras, engineered to lift, sculpt, contour and smooth. 4 way stretch fabric for a move-with-you-feel.

Womens organic t-shirts

Womens Clothing

The Vivida OrganicEarth range is made in India using renewable energy (wind & solar) and from 100% certified organic cotton. Fair Wear and Carbon Neutral accredited.

Vivida is not a passing brand. It is a mindset. It is a vision. It is a place you can be yourself; release your inhibitions, and fearlessly go out to embrace the beauty of this world and the people in it.
— H.K. Topping


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Poncho towel
duffel bag
Vivida is like a moving body of positivity and ideas that is constantly evolving and changing.
— Eliza Zuben
The real beauty to me of Vivida is the fact that itโ€™s not about being a money-making machine. Itโ€™s not about being a label or a brand. Itโ€™s really about representing a project of like-minded individuals who are dedicated, inspired, focused, and willing to assist one another in achieving their passions.
— T. Wells
One of the real beauties of watersports, is that it really keeps you in the moment. It allows you to really appreciate that life is really dynamic; itโ€™s not static. Moments come, and if you donโ€™t take advantage of those moments, that opportunity might not come again.
— T. Wells
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