When it comes to sustainability, we believe we can always do better - for our planet, for our future, and for the greater good. One of the founding values of Vivida is to promote connection to and appreciation for nature.  It is something we believe to be of the utmost importance at this critical time, and we strongly believe; that the choices we make affect the future - that we have the power to influence other brands to do the same – and that we have a responsibility to constantly improve.

To this aim, we continually make decisions and take actions that we believe to be the most impactful and achievable at every inflection point. While it takes great investment to commit to sustainability in the right way, we have decided to go about every product decision and transition as strategically and transparently as possible so that we can grow in smarter, innovative ways, sustaining our brand, enhancing great products, and allowing the Vivida community to benefit from the best quality and performance possible.

As we evolve, so too will our commitments and scope of sustainability initiatives. We remain dedicated to careful research and due diligence to ensure that fibres, processes, ethical concerns, and sustainability remain at the forefront. 

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.