Waterproof Changing Robes Will Change Your Life

Towels are yesterday’s news. Unlike waterproof changing robes for swimming or other water activities, they offer very little in the way of privacy and can slip off easily, which can leave you in an awkward situation. One truly has to master the art of towel-igami to keep a towel in place when changing, which is why using changing robes for swimming offers such a refreshing alternative. In this article, we explore these wonderful beachside coats, and provide those all important sizing and care tips.


  1. What Is The Point Of A Changing Robe?
  2. How To Choose The Right Size Or Fit
  3. Changing Robe Maintenance Tips
  4. It’s All About Your Comfort
What Is The Point Of A Changing Robe

What Is The Point Of A Changing Robe?

Waterproof changing robes are functional pieces of attire that aim to solve a very particular problem: the need for privacy and warmth when changing clothes in public or open-air settings. Unlike a traditional towel wrapped around your waist or torso, changing robes envelop your entire body, allowing you to slip your arms inside to switch attire conveniently and with privacy. While towels risk slipping off or unfurling at the slightest movement, changing robes stay securely in place, while features like two-way zips give you flexibility of movement. Moreover, Vivida waterproof change robes also provide warmth and wick moisture away from your body, making them especially handy for water-based activities in colder climates. Whether you're at the beach, lakeside, or participating in sea sports, these robes enable you to transition from wet to dry clothes without exposing yourself or shivering in the cold. They become particularly valuable when you have to change in places that lack dedicated changing rooms, offering an all-in-one solution for both modesty and warmth.

How To Choose The Right Size Or Fit

Changing robes may appear to be a one-size-fits-most kind of garment, but there are size options available. . The most important thing to consider is whether you’ll have enough space to sip your arms inside and change with comfort. If in doubt, we always recommend choosing a larger size for this reason. The beautiful thing about Vivida robes in particular is that they also just look like stylish winter coats that provide extra warmth out on the dog walk, on the touchlines of a game or when travelling. For this reason, there are those who opt for their usual size and forgo the extra space for changing... These garments are also a little heavier than a regular coat, so you need to take into account the weight as well (S - 1.3kg; M - 1.45kg; L - 1.6kg; XL - 1.9kg).

Vivida Lifestyle Blue Changing Robe

Changing Robe Maintenance Tips

    How often do you buy something, use it, and then later discard it, only to wish that it lasted longer before you had to buy a new one? Luckily, with well designed gear , like a Vivida waterproof changing robe, there are steps you can take to maximise the use you get out of it. Follow these steps to take care of your changing robe: If covered in mud or sand, gently brush it off and clean with a damp sponge. Dry at room temperature between uses. If washing is necessary, opt for a gentle, cool wash at 30℃. To replenish water-repellency, consider a DWR treatment such as NikWax.

    It’s All About Your Comfort

    No matter what you choose to take with you to the beach or poolside, it’s about maximising your comfort and ensuring you not only have the best time in the water - but also when you get out. If you are looking for lifestyle accessories that serve multiple purposes and have sustainable practices at their core, then Vivida waterproof changing robes are perfect for you.


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