Become a Vivida Affiliate

Do love the Vivida spirit & are you interested in sharing our community and products with others?

We offer two ways to get involved and become an affiliate, based on your profile and what you’re looking to achieve.

Option 1: Become a Community Affiliate:

If you are interested in simply sharing a Vivida code with friends, family, and followers to provide a discount to those you know and earn commission from sales, while becoming more involved in the Vivida community, we recommend applying to be a Community Affiliate. In this case, you simply apply via the button below and, once approved, we’ll set you up with your own unique code for sharing - to be used by others during checkout for 10% off all Vivida products online.

Community Affiliate Application

Option 2: Become an Affiliate Publisher:

If you are representing a business, website, or organization looking to receive commissions for the sales generated from visitors you send our way on a larger scale through links, banners, adverts, and codes, becoming an Affiliate Publisher is the ideal route for you.

Working with Affiliate Future, our affiliate management partner, we are able to provide you the best tools for tracking sales and accessing helpful performance reporting online. We usually offer 8% commission for valid sales generated and commission is paid out twice monthly. To apply, simply click on the button below and you will be prompted to complete an affiliate application. Once approved, you will gain access to various creative assets, including banners, images, logos, etc. and you will be able to track your sales progress in real time. All information regarding your involvement as a Vivida Affiliate will be managed and provided through Affiliate Future. For questions regarding this program or how it works, please visit Affiliate Future here.