Vivida Lifestyle leads a movement of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers, and doers. By creating products that support & empower this lifestyle, we hope to inspire an ever-growing community that pursues life in all the many ways that bring joy & meaning. With a philosophy deeply rooted in passion, mindfulness, and action, our company culture proves to embody these values just the same.

We are looking for people who love a challenge, a creative approach and a commitment to doing one’s best work. If you’re highly motivated, love taking action, and thrive both independently or alongside a team - we want to hear from you.


TRANSPARENCY – From day one, Vivida has always practiced radical transparency. For a team to be in alignment, and for honesty to hold its value in business, communication and openness is key. This is why we continually pursue transparency in all that we do, from hiring, to product development, future planning, and more.

SUSTAINABILITY -We believe we can make a difference and will always strive to do better. Sustainability is not a buzzword to us, it’s a very real and important aspect of our business that we continue to integrate as we grow.

HARD WORK – When you are doing what you love, hard work comes naturally. In a small business such as ours, every team member does their best because their work matters. There are no cubicles or small cogs in the machine, only hugely impactful and important roles that help this company to reach its potential.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY – Diversity, inclusion, giving everyone the opportunity to join us and succeed – we hold tightly to these basic rights and values for all.

FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY – All positions at Vivida are remote, which provides the freedom to work from anywhere and the flexibility to do your work in a way that suits your best life.

LIFELONG LEARNING – We understand you may want to grow and adjust in your career as time goes by. We fully support education and learning in ways that may inspire you to grow into new responsibilities with the company or enrich your life otherwise.

WORK / LIFE BALANCE – We believe that balancing one’s work with life’s other priorities is monumentally important. Whether taking a lunch break to practice yoga, or making time for a surf session, at Vivida, we understand it’s in balancing these things that life at work, home, and play can truly function at its best.


Location: Remote

Our current management team works remotely from the south of the UK and Oregon, USA.

For the Vivida Lifestyle project to grow, we recognise the need to bring on experts to commercialise the brand, build a strong foundational business base, all while staying aligned & true to our brand values & deeper purpose. We are proud of our soulful culture and we strive to foster this contagious momentum by hiring and retaining smart, creative people who through communication and collaboration are able to deliver the story and energy of the Vivida Lifestyle.

Open roles below. If we are not currently hiring for a position suited to you please submit your profile above - we want to be proactive in accumulating profiles in advance of positions becoming available.

The Director of Marketing & Ecommerce is a newly created leadership role that will be integral in commercialising the Vivida Lifestyle brand by accelerating growth & sales both domestically and internationally all while staying aligned & true to our brand values & deeper purpose. This role marries creative with commercial, curating our brand story to engage, increase traffic, sales for the long-term development of the business.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated and capable of thriving in a growth-focused, start-up style environment. As Marketing & Ecommerce Director, you will be fully accountable for all cross-channel performance marketing activities, from digital’s data & analytics to the brand’s organic community & creative. You will implement forward-thinking approaches to broaden awareness and accelerate growth.

You love everything ecommerce & marketing and are at your happiest when connecting and working with smart, passionate people to take developed creative concepts, bringing them to life through world-first, disruptive content that genuinely moves the needle. You enjoy building teams, growing culture and developing talent.

You are enthusiastic about being one of Vivida Lifestyle’s’ early employees, and about all the responsibilities (and rewards) that come with building a start-up. You are a self-starter, able to embrace granular work, whilst building the big-picture organisation and structures to support a team that will grow. Keen when contributing to organisational structure, and building the environment for our team to bring ideas to life, however ‘blue sky’ the thinking.

You are the Vivida customer. You look for connection. Connection to adventure, freedom, balance, the planet, and yourself. You are active and inspired by the experiences that have enriched your life. You are part of the growing movement that believes a sense of wellbeing is multi-faceted, drawing from mindfulness, healthy living, and finding connection with nature.

You thrive within the realm of community and draw inspiration form others with similar values. Like you, our customer is looking to connect with a brand that empowers their lifestyle, enhances their sense of community, and provides an extension of their ‘happy place’ – making them feel good every time they pull a Vivida piece out of their closet or adventure bag.
The ideal candidate is a social media & customer service hybrid in charge of happiness of customers and community on email and on social media.

As the first point of contact for all online queries, our Customer Happiness Specialist will be a fantastic communicator, friendly, helpful, empathetic and self-motivated. They are extremely customer-focused in everything they do, and their energy and passion shines through in every online conversation they have with our customers.

Vivida wants to make the people in our community happy; by giving our customers exceptional customer service, and our community exceptional attention and support.

We’re hoping to find a hybrid; somebody experienced and passionate about executing customer service, and also engaging on social media with those that aren’t necessarily customers yet e.g. fans, ambassadors, partners, influencers, content creators, anyone talking about our sphere of influence.


• Create a nimble customer service organisation that responds quickly to Vivida customers’ needs.

• Respond to high volume of pre-sale and after-sale emails. Execute an exceptional quality of customer engagement across multiple channels (email, social media and text) and develop leading-edge strategies to expand Vivida’s reach and impact.

• Use innovative methods to make customer feel special; such as filming personalised selfie videos for customers, addressing them by name and coming across as their best friend. Something as simple as a thirty second video welcoming a customer to a product has real capacity to build goodwill, social capital, and genuine connection between our customer and Vivida Lifestyle.

• Embed trust and honesty as a marketing strategy within all of Vivida Lifestyle

• Manage the response and engagement with user-generated social media comments and content sharing to amplify posts and foster personalised brand experiences

• Curate and cultivate our relationships within the industry, including Sales Reps, Ambassadors and Influencers, Tradespeople, Content Creators, Brands, Partners and Customers. This includes ‘small stuff’ like becoming part of the community with 100 relevant hashtags every day as well as the big top level stuff.

• Incentivise them to share word of mouth of Vivida Lifestyle

• Create engaging posts multiple times a week to build the company’s online presence, posting unique, high-quality content to promote interaction with our audiences

• Creating engaging and informative visual and written content that promotes audience interaction, increases audience presence on company sites, and encourages audience participation

• Report on the activity and performance of the Company’s social platforms

• Take accountability for a strategic sales plan, and (in the future when we grow) manage and support a team to deliver, anticipate, evaluate and provide customer service excellence.

What we’re looking for:

• Fluency in Spanish and English (a third European language is a plus)

• Somebody who has the credentials to be leading a large customer service team executing the ‘small stuff’ for them, but is open to doing both the ‘small stuff’ and the ‘top level stuff’ until we grow and bring in a customer service executive to support you.

• At least 2 years Customer Service Experience. Ideally 5+ years of experience leading customer-facing teams in a multi-channel international environment.

• Extensive experience with key social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.

• Self starter and problem solving attitude

• A proven track record of demonstrating exceptional knowledge and understanding of the Social Media landscape – including content optimisation and publishing algorithms, building and engaging communities, social listening and reporting, planning and execution of socially-led campaigns, and an understanding of the latest technologies impacting key global platforms.

• Good CRM and IT systems experience related to Customer Service

• Project Management Experience

Job description coming soon
Positions available for United States, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey, Morocco.
If you are interested in building your portfolio we'd love to work with you. Please drop us an email with a bit about you and your portfolio to date. We're always looking to do shoots with up and coming photographers in cool locations. We are also looking for somebody with regular access to a setup for white background studio shots and male/female models that embody the outdoor, positive, earthy image of Vivida Lifestyle.