We're raising. Want to own part of the next great thing?

We're raising. Want to own part of the next great thing?

Own a share of Vivida's future success

Vivida is an adventure lifestyle brand that exists to unite a community of adventurers dreamers thinkers & doers, and to inspire and empower a life well-lived. A life with purpose & connection; connection to adventure, freedom, balance, the planet, others, and oneself.

We're seeking an investment of £600K (overfund £900K) to drive the brand and product to the next level. The opportunity is massive, and we could do so much more with more resource, product and a bigger team.

For investors, this is a feel-good opportunity to support an impact led grassroots business and empower it to deliver on its positive & inspired vision.

It's also an exciting opportunity to own part of something that has all the potential to go big and to go far, deliver signficant investor returns, and is at an inflection point where a capital injection will make a huge difference. 

If you're interested in joining us for the rewarding, fulfilling & fun journey ahead, and have minimum £5K to invest, we invite you to apply to become a shareholder and co-owner of Vivida, today.

Once vetted, you will recieve access to the Investment Brochure and Investor Data Room where diligence can be done before choosing whether to invest and what amount.

From garden storage, and David & his mum personally packaging and waiting in line to post every order, to now having achieved over £2M in sales, Vivida has come incredibly far. Vivida is no longer just a vision. It’s a reality with a momentum of its own. It’s not a story, a strategy, or an image with a manufactured message or purpose. Vivida is real. Those who know it, feel it, and keep coming back for more. And just as brands before us have pioneered new approaches to emerging markets and trends, so too will Vivida, at this perfect intersection of consumer awareness, a deep need for authenticity, sustainability, wellbeing and happiness… as a lifestyle.

We will continue to grow and evolve as we focus on what our community loves and wants. The momentum has begun and the next few years will offer the biggest push yet to launch us to the next level…and we couldn’t be more excited about all the promise and possibility of this Vivida Movement that is already strong and vibrant yet has so much room to develop and grow!

Investment Highlights: 

✓ High growth & nearly profitable.

✓ Great story. Authentic, purpose-driven, community-led. More than a brand. Strong identity & vision.

✓ Highly engaged community of customers & evangelists.

✓ Take pride in being part of a project committed to make good things happen in the world.

✓ Inspiring change in a polluting industry.

✓ Strong & passionate management team invested financially & emotionally; great culture. Inspired & fulfilling purpose & vision poises Vivida to attract world-class talent.

✓ Huge market opportunity (£150BN+); and perfectly positioned in growth sector. Vivida finds itself at the front of a global wave & macro trend of buying better, conscious consumerism, wellness & wellbeing, a love of nature and the outdoors, a thirst for purpose-driven and community-first brands.

✓ Proven; £2M+ sales, product/market fit achieved; ready to take to next level with cash injection.

✓ Great product — though we recognise our product range is currently limited due to limited financial resources and not wanting to spread ourselves too thinly. With funding, we’ll be able to double down on investments into product development. Giving our customers more options will unleash significant upside growth potential. We WILL disrupt through product and bring game-changing offerings to the market.

✓ EIS certified investment, meaning tax relief for all UK investors to the sum of 30% of total investment made into Vivida Lifestyle Ltd. Plus, no capital gains tax.

✓ Ordinary shares. These entitle the owner to exactly the same rights and benefits as the founder..

✓ Receive shareholder updates