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There are a few different types of changing robe in the collection — a puffer-style, quilted changing robe, a fleece-lined Sherpa changing robe and an ultra-absorbent towelling poncho. Discover which changing robe is best for you.

Vivida’s quilted puffer changing robe has been designed to keep you warmer for longer and is made with a recycled waterproof outer shell. The cosy fleece-lined Sherpa changing robe and the original poncho towel are more lightweight but still offer warmth and privacy when changing and hanging out after a day of watersports or swimming. Each of these post-swimming robes is great for days spent near the water — to help dry you off, change in privacy and stay warm. Let’s explore some of the unique features of these changing robes to help you decide which one is right for you.

The Vivida Puffer - All Weather Changing Robe is sustainably made, with the soft peached outer shell created entirely from post-consumer plastic, providing the ultimate protection, come rain or shine. The thoughtful design continues into the inner lining of Vivida’s puffer changing robe, with the super-insulating filling holding heat without feeling heavy or cumbersome. It can also be packed away into an easy-carry travel pillow, perfect for road trips or meandering adventures.

The Sherpa Changing Robe also offers a cosy haven for drying off and changing after a swim, surf or paddleboard experience, but with fleece lining instead of the puffer-style quilting. Still keeping you warm and protected while waterside, no matter the weather, the Sherpa changing robe is an even lighter changing robe, perfect for endless outdoor adventures. This changing robe can also be packed away into a travel bag, ready to continue exploring with you.

Without a waterproof outer shell, but still giving the same absorbent and protective qualities, the Vivida Original Poncho Towel Changing Robe is ideal for drying off after spending time in the ocean. This poncho changing towel is made with quick-dry microfibre and a loose-fitting design, making this towel poncho the perfect cover-up during the transition from sea swimmer to beach dweller — helping you change out of a damp bikini or swim shorts with ease.

Let’s find your ideal changing robe, ready to wrap you up after each unforgettable waterside experience…