Top Picks for Holiday Gifts for Swimmers and Outdoor Lovers

Author: Ivy

Buying gifts for swimmers, especially when swimming is their biggest passion, presents a unique challenge. Swimmers, often equipped with their essential gear, leave little room for obvious choices. Their specialised needs and the technical nature of swimming gear add another layer of complexity to gift selection. The nuanced differences in swimwear preferences and sensitivity to materials used can also make generic choices miss the mark. Here we aim to simplify this process by offering a carefully curated selection of practical, sustainable gifts specifically suited for swimmers.


  1. How To Choose Gifts For Swimmers
  2. Five Top Picks from Vivida Lifestyle
How To Choose Gifts For Swimmers

How To Choose Gifts For Swimmers

When choosing gifts for swimmers, understanding their specific needs and preferences is key. Practicality should be at the forefront of your decision, with a focus on items that enhance their swimming experience. Look for high-quality, durable swimwear that combines functionality with eco-friendliness, reflecting your favourite swimmer's commitment to environmental sustainability. Consider accessories that are often overlooked but essential, such as ergonomic goggles, swim caps that provide comfort and efficiency, and waterproof bags for safeguarding essentials. After-swim care items, like plush towels and robes, offer a touch of luxury and warmth, making them perfect for relaxation following an invigorating swim. Additionally, think about the swimmer's routine and choose gifts that would seamlessly integrate into and enrich their regular swimming sessions.

Five Top Picks from Vivida Lifestyle

Another good tip for picking out a gift for a swimmer (or any other water sports enthusiast) is to choose a brand that supports eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials. That is where Vivida comes in. Below are our top picks for swimwear and accessories that are both stylish and practical.

Sustainable Swimwear: Vivida’s swimwear is crafted from eco-friendly materials. These pieces not only offer style and comfort but also reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability. They're ideal for swimmers who prefer eco-conscious apparel. Additionally, our swimwear has been designed to flatter all bodies, showcasing that sustainability and style can coexist seamlessly.

Reversible Wetsuits: The Linda Reversible Wetsuit is a versatile option, suitable for colder waters. Its reversible design offers two styles in one, catering to swimmers who appreciate flexibility and functionality in their swimwear. This feature enhances the value of the wetsuit, making it a practical choice for various swimming environments.

Poncho Towels: Vivida's poncho changing towels are perfect for swimmers for pre and post-swim use. They provide warmth and convenience, making the transition from water to land comfortable and easy. These wearable towels are both functional and cosy, ideal for regular swimmers. The added benefit is their quick-drying feature, making them convenient for frequent use.

Rashguards: Designed for swimmers who spend a lot of time outdoors, Vivida’s rashguards protect against UV rays. They combine practicality with style, offering both sun protection and a flattering fit, making them a great choice for swimmers. The durability of these rashguards also ensures long-lasting wear, even in harsh marine conditions.

Changing Robes: A must-have for any swimmer, Vivida's waterproof changing robes play a crucial role in keeping you dry, facilitating a seamless changing process, and ensuring you stay comfortably warm. Perfect for swiftly drying off, changing in and out of swim gear, and warming up after a refreshing swim, these robes provide an essential combination of functionality and convenience.

Wrapping Up

    When choosing a gift for the swimmer in your life, it's better to go for something practical they could actually use. You could go for a generic gift, or you could show your appreciation by putting some thought into your gift and choosing a couple of options from the items we listed in the article. From eco-friendly swimwear to versatile wetsuits and waterproof changing robes, each item from Vivida Lifestyle not only meets a swimmer's needs but also aligns with a sustainable lifestyle. By opting for these thoughtful choices, your gift will not only be appreciated but also cherished for its utility and alignment with their values. 

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