Mikaili Sol Wins Freestyle Title in First Ever Online GKA Distance Battle Event

Freestyle Champion Mika Sol – Winning in a New (COVID) World of Kitesurf Competition

Everything these days may be different, but that doesn’t mean our favorite athletes can’t keep doing their thing and find new ways to showcase their sport and talents to the world. Our very own, Mikaili Sol absolutely wowed the judges with her freestyle performance for the first-ever online GKA Distance Battle event, winning first place in the biggest discipline of the competition. To her, we offer our sincerest congratulations!

At 15 years old, Mika consistently impresses the kite world with her style, performance, and progression on the water. Not only is she athletically gifted, she also brings a positive and humble attitude to match. She shines not only for her kite-specific talents, but the way she presents herself on and off the water. She embodies the Vivida spirit with a kindness and friendliness that is not always easy to come by in a professional sports setting.

Notably, this was the first kite competition of its kind. The GKA judges viewed each trick remotely, and then scored according to established GKA rules. While it was initially planned to serve as an interim competition platform to utilize while COVID travel restrictions were in place, the feedback was positive enough to parlay this remote platform into a permanent fixture for the tour, which will run alongside the normal tour once it returns to its usual schedule. The new format will likely be a huge opportunity for more talent to enter into competition, making accessibility to the tour that much easier.

So again, congrats to Mika as she continues to take the kite world by storm! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the upcoming Distance Battles… will you be watching?

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