Black Friday Shopping at Vivida

As Black Friday approaches, we'll continue to do things a little differently. Don't expect the usual high pressure discounts, instead discover more about our standard special offers and sustainable initiatives for the gift giving season...

The idea of Black Friday has never sat well with us. The inflated discounts, the panic buying, the pressure brands put on people to spend money on things they don’t really need… this isn’t what Vivida stands for.

We always want to offer our customers and our community the best we can, but we’re also a small business with operational expenses. We need to price fairly and pay fairly to be able to offer the best quality product and service possible, both for our customers and for the planet.

Our small but mighty team greatly values each order we receive, but encouraging panic buying is ultimately more costly for us, for you and for the planet when you consider the extra likelihood of returns and their added costs of packaging, transportation, restocking, etc.

That’s why we’ve decided not to offer any special time-limited discounts. Instead we’re reminding you of all the great offers that are already available and encouraging you to shop slowly, and buy better.


Woman snorkelling in a Vivida Linda Wetsuit

New customer offers

We know that once you try a Vivida product you’ll appreciate its value and enjoy being a part of the Vivida community. That’s why we offer a couple of special discounts just for new customers: 

Use code WELCOME to enjoy 10% off your first order of any value, or
use code DREAMERS15 to enjoy 15% off your first order of £250 or more.

If you’ve already ordered with us, there are still plenty of ways to save, so why not share these discounts with a friend who could benefit from them?

 Two silk sleep eye masks lying on a fluffy blanket on a bed

Double up and save

There are bundle offers available on almost all of our products, so whether you’re looking for silk sleep masks for all your friends or poncho towels for the whole family, you’ll save when you buy two or more together. Below is a little taster of what’s available, but check out our product pages for specific bundle information:

Free shipping

We also have free shipping options for most locations if your order reaches a certain value. For example, if you're shopping the UK, Standard shipping (delivered in 3 working days) is free for orders over £200, and Express shipping (delivered the next working day) is free for orders over £300 (excluding remote locations).

See our Shipping Page for all shipping rates. 

Woman running on a beach in a Vivida Poncho Towel

Shop the Sale

You can always shop our Sale at up to 50% off end of line items, or temporarily discounted items that we have overstocked. We don’t have an end date to the Sale, but once end-of-line items are gone, they’re gone. These items are deeply discounted simply because we need to clear them and storage costs add up. They are a wonderful opportunity to discover a quality Vivida product that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

 A man and a woman walking in nature wearing Vivida Lifestyle poncho towel changing robes

Save big when you save items from landfill

We created our Imperfect Collection to ensure we minimise unnecessary waste. All items in this collection have a cosmetic flaw or two that mean they don’t look exactly the way we wanted them to, but they are each still perfectly functional. In each case we explain the fault in the product description, so there shouldn’t be any surprises. In many cases you would never know there was an issue, but our high standards mean we don’t want to add them to general stock. So instead of sending these items to landfill, as many other brands would, we greatly reduce their prices to give you the rare opportunity to buy a fantastic product at a heavily discounted rate.

 A woman standing on a cliff top wearing a Vivida Lifestyle Waterproof Changing Robe

Shop slow & more sustainably

It can be tricky enough shopping for yourself let alone choosing the right size for friends or family. Rather than guessing the size you need and risking the need to return for an exchange, take a look at our size guides or contact Kerry, who is always on hand to help.

If you do need to return an item bought as a gift, there's no worry, as our returns policy for full price items is a generous 60 days. We also extended our returns policy for the festive period, meaning any orders placed in November can be returned until 1st February the following year.

When shopping our site, you’ll probably notice a few items are out of stock but available to pre-order. This means you can order the item now and it is sent out to you as soon as it’s in stock (we give you an estimated arrival date). This guarantees you receive in-demand products as soon as possible and means we’re much less likely to over order.

Read more about the sustainable benefits of pre-ordering.

Our items are not the cheapest, but they are incredible value for money considering the quality of materials, sustainability factors, practical features, research, effort and love we have put into crafting each and every one of them. Sustainable products are often higher priced than alternatives because if you’re not paying for the actual cost of the product, the planet and the person who made it generally is. Vivida products are made to last you a long, long time, making them each a worthwhile investment that you won’t need to replace anytime soon.

When it comes to sustainability there is so much more we can do, but we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives.

Four women walk on the beach with surf boards, wearing Vivida Lifestyle swimsuits

Other ways you can support us

If you’re not in a position to buy anything from us now, but love what we do, there are lots of ways you can help spread the word. 

You could subscribe to our email newsletter (at the bottom of this page) and share it with a friend who might like to hear about our latest products, inspiring stories or news. 

We always love to see you #spottedinvivida on Instagram and TikTok, and you can also upload photos, videos, poems or written pieces that you’re happy for us to share to our Community File Drop. Small actions have big impacts, and every comment or share of one of our social posts means the world to us.


Thank you for being a part of this magical community!


Miranda Mazzarella looks after Ecommerce and Marketing at Vivida Lifestyle. When she's not making sure the website's working as it should be or creating our next email campaign, she enjoys meditation, yoga and woodland walks. Her happy place is sea snorkelling amongst the fishes.