Tips for Gifting a Poncho Towel

So, you’re considering buying a poncho towel as a gift? You’ve landed in the right place.

The great thing about towel ponchos is that they're loved by people of all ages and have more uses than you could possibly imagine. While they are most popular waterside, we know many use their ponchos towels in other scenarios such as triathlons, cosy couch lounging, and even as a post bath robe hoodie, among others. The versatility of this item alone makes it a fantastic gift choice for pretty much everyone on your gift list. But how do you choose the right size poncho towel? And how do you know which features a swimmer or a surfer needs from their poncho towel? Never fear, our guide covers it all...


  1. Poncho Towel Purpose
  2. Poncho Towel Style
  3. Poncho Towel Features
  4. Poncho Towel Dryness & Warmth
  5. Poncho Towel Fit & Feel
  6. Poncho Towel Packability
  7. Vivida Lifestyle Poncho Towels

Poncho Towel Purpose

The first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a poncho towel as a gift is what the poncho will mainly be used for. Will it be used for changing out of a wetsuit after a surf or kiting session, or perhaps worn on a boat while out of the water? Understanding where and how the poncho may be used most will allow you to narrow down various features and designs your recipient would need. Here are some common activities you’ll find poncho towels in use:

  • Surf
  • Kitesurf
  • Wild Swimming
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Cold Water Swimming
  • Wakeboarding
  • Beachside
  • Poolside
  • Lakeside
  • Triathlons
  • Spa & Saunas
  • Home lounging
  • And more…
    Woman putting on a poncho changing towel on the beach - Vivida Lifestyle

    Poncho Towel Style

    Depending upon the recipient, this aspect may be more or less important – how the poncho looks or the style it conveys. No matter who you are buying for, you can likely determine a colour palette they enjoy and decide whether bold or muted colours and patterns would best suit their personality.

    You’ll also find that some ponchos offer differing “vibes” based on brand and design. While some carry a surf-culture style through silhouette and patterns, etc., others might be more boxy and uniform, or plain and non-descript.

    For example, the Vivida Essential Poncho Changing Towel has a tapered silhouette and short sleeves. This gives the wearer a slimmer appearance compared to most poncho towel designs, while still providing plenty of room to change inside and side slits allowing for maximum manoeuvring.

    In contrast, Vivida's Original Poncho Towel Changing Robe, has a more traditional boxy silhouette. This provides maximum room for changing, with longer sleeves for additional warmth. Changing robes like this style, are better for cold weather environments where greater insulation is key.

    Again, considering where and how the poncho may be used will play into this decision. For example, when taking a poncho towel on holidays or fun family trips, some may prefer to be a bit more bold in their style options, even if their day-to-day preferences may be more muted.

    Teenage girls wearing poncho towels on the beach - Vivida Lifestyle

    Poncho Towel Features

    Depending upon the purpose of the poncho and the person you are buying for, various poncho features may be appreciated more than others. These are the top features we look for in a poncho changing towel:

    People changing using a poncho towel on the beach - Vivida Lifestyle

    Poncho Towel Dryness & Warmth

    You’ll want to be sure to choose a poncho with quick-drying properties so it doesn't get weighed down with water or stay wet for long periods of time. One of the key purposes of a poncho towel is to get you dry, so look for materials such as microfibre that will do the job efficiently and effectively.

    On the warming front, it’s a good idea to think about how warm the poncho should be. Many poncho towels offer some level of warmth, in that they dry you and keep you protected from the elements, however, if you’re looking for something with truly insulating properties that can withstand extremely cold weather or water temps, you might consider a Dry Changing Robe, which also allows you to dry and change but provides more warmth for longer periods of time.

    Poncho Towel Fit & Feel

    Sometimes the enjoyment of a product simply comes down to feel. How you feel in it, how it makes you feel, and even quite literally, the tactile quality of the fabric. When narrowing down your poncho towel options, understandably you may not be able to feel it in person, however, some towels are visibility more plush, smooth, or soft than others. Often times, printed fabrics will feel more smooth, whereas microfibres and cottons may feel more plush or soft to the touch.

    Also, the way a fabric moves and sits will contribute to how the garment feels on. Most poncho towels are unisex, so you don't need to worry about whether to find a specific design for a man or a woman. The main thing to consider is that an oversized fit is generally the preferred style for poncho towels as it allows for a full range of movement when changing. While shopping for the perfect poncho, clear sizing guides, such as this one from Vivida Lifestyle, will give you a good idea of the right size to buy your loved one and help avoid the need for any returns.

    L/XL Poncho Towel Size GuideM/L Poncho Towel Size Guide

    S/M Poncho Towel Size Guide

    Poncho Towel Packability

    If you’re buying a poncho changing towel as a gift, you might consider whether or not the recipient will travel with the poncho. If so, packability becomes an important feature. Whether it’s taken along in the car, on family holiday getaways, or on plane trips to far-flung destinations, poncho towels come in a range of fabric thicknesses, including very thin and lightweight to very bulky.

    Additionally, having a quickly drying fabric plays a part in how well the poncho travels, as slow-drying fabrics such as heavy cotton or bamboo may take longer to dry, and thus may smell up a car or suitcase if thrown in too damp or not completely dry. The Vivida Ponchos towels, for example, are made with quick-drying microfibre, which ensures a speedy dry time and no stress over damp or smelly encounters.

    Vivida Lifestyle has been pioneering the changing poncho since 2015. With a wide range of style, colours, and features, Vivida is proud to elevate all kinds of adventures with quick-drying, absorbent, and convenient poncho towels.


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