The World's Warmest Changing Robe: The Vivida Puffer

The Vivida Puffer Changing Robe is unlike any other changing robe on the market today. It is the warmest changing robe for outdoor adventure, exploration, and all-around enjoyment.

What makes the Vivida Puffer special? Compared to the plethora of alternative change robes with carbon-copy features and simple design, the Puffer Changing Robe from Vivida is the one true stand-out in both innovation and insulation. So what is the science behind insulation, and what makes the world’s first puffer changing robe the warmest in the world? Let’s find out.

The Science of Insulation

Heat loss

There are three distinct ways heat can be lost. In each scenario, heat is transferred from a hotter object to a colder one. Heat can be lost in one of the three following ways:

Radiation – the emission of any rays, wave motion or particles from a source, most commonly applied to emission of electromagnetic radiation.

Conduction – the process of losing heat through the movement of air or water molecules across the skin. This is the type of heat loss we experience in the body. It is the process of losing heat through physical contact with another object or body.

Convection – the transfer of heat energy through a liquid or gas by the movement of the fluid (atoms or molecules). This movement, caused by the expansion of the fluid, produces a current as its temperature rises, called convection current.

Moreover, to keep warm, the transfer of heat from one object to another must be stopped, and this is where insulation comes in. By insulating an object, you can stop or slow the transfer of heat.

Different methods of insulation

The most effective way to keep warm outside is to be covered in multiple layers of insulating fabric. By trapping air in layers, a person is able to keep warm as heat is not able to escape. Similarly, just as birds or cats fluff up their feathers or fur when it’s cold, we can mimic that effect by reducing the amount of heat energy lost. The thicker and more effective the layers are at trapping heat, the warmer you will be. High quality layers, quite simply, mean more effective insulation. Take a look at this video from the University of Waikato, explaining how multiple layers keep you warm in the coldest of conditions.

What Makes the Vivida Puffer the World’s Warmest Changing Robe

Now that you understand heat loss and the role of insulation in keeping warm, here are the reasons why the Vivida Puffer Changing Robe is the warmest changing robe on the market today. It’s also the most effective at keeping you insulated in colder temps:

The waterproof, windproof outershell itself is made of three layers, they include:

  • Bionic Finish® Eco PFC-free durable water-repellent coating allows water to bead-up and roll away – Layer 1
  • Soft-touch peached 100% post-consumer recycled polyester – Layer 2
  • 5000mm waterproof laminate – Layer 3

The second, most insulating layer, the QuiltedCloud Fill, mimics the warming properties of down feathers, which warms the body quickly. Furthermore, the fill weight is a substantial 135g in weight. As the first ever changing robe to incorporate this fill in a puffer style to the world of changing robes, the Vivida Puffer is pioneering the world of changing robes, one outdoor excursion at a time. Its superior insulating properties and the level of warmth it provides is a true testament to the science of thermoregulation.

Finally, the last highly insulating layer is the recycled honeycomb fleece which draws water away from the skin. It also provides a key layer of warmth and insulation that is soft and comfortable to the touch.

By combining the latest technology and high performance fabrics with the innovative and warming QuiltedCloud Fill, the Vivida Puffer Changing Robe is the stand-out choice for anyone looking for true insulation and warmth in the great outdoors.

How to Keep Warm Outdoors

Here are some additional tips to keep warm while outdoors. Of course, we recommend pairing these tips with the ultra warm Vivida Puffer.

  • Stay as dry as possible, including areas you may not consider, such as your hair and feet.
  • Warm your extremities when you’re able. Placing a warm drink in your hands or wearing thick socks can help immensely.
  • Eating fatty foods can raise the pH of our blood, which tends to be lower in colder temps.
  • Stay hydrated and be sure to bring enough water for your entire adventure.
  • Keep moving, as movement generates heat.
  • Choose layers wisely. From hats to scarves, gloves and socks, consider the fabric you choose and how well it will trap heat.
  • Try and avoid coming in contact with cold surfaces. Sit on your changing poncho or a backpack before sitting on a cold, hard rock or surface.

What People are Saying about the Warmest Changing Robe – The Vivida Puffer

“This is the warmest changing robe I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried many. It keeps me toasty in times where I used to want to escape the cold. Now I can enjoy the outdoors longer.” – Kate W.

“The Vivida Puffer is insanely warm. My cold weather explorations are forever changed.” Timothy A.

“I was skeptical about changing robes until I tried the Vivida Puffer. Other robes seem to just be a glorified jacket, but this changing robe is a different beast all-together. It is roomie enough to get changed in and so comfortable to enjoy while near the sea or cold lakes nearby. I am a true convert.” Jake T.

“Once you try the Vivida Puffer changing robe, you won’t go back.” Elaine M.

Eager to explore the warmest changing robe in the world? Discover the Vivida Puffer here.

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