Giveaway collaboration with the IWWF (International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation)

(Updated 17:30 GMT 20th August 2018)

Congratulations to :

1st place (150 euros) : Mari-Liis (Insta @marilissiimon)

2nd place (100 euros) : Steph Caller (insta @stephcaller)

3rd place (50 euros) : Olli (Insta @o11i_wake)

Please email Kerry on our team ( who will coordinate with you the delivery of your prizes, shipped free to your doorstep! On top of the credit, we are offering our three winners a one-off 50% discount if they'd like anything extra thrown into their goodie pack heading their way.

Lots of love

Vivida Lifestyle

International WaterSki & Wakeboard Federation collaborates with Vivida Lifestyle to bring 300 EUR giveaway

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) collaborates with adventure lifestyle brand Vivida Lifestyle (@vivida_lifestyle) to bring a 300EUR giveaway of goodies.

From wakeboard,?ÿsurf & kitesurf bikinis that stay put to the ultimate poncho towel changing robes, to yoga leggings and sports bras to a range of fresh tees, sweaters & hoodies made of certified organic cotton and manufactured using renewable energy (wind & solar),"Vivida Lifestyle really put their heart and soul into developing their products better and better each year."

How to enter the competition
1/ Follow Vivida Lifestyle and IWWF on instagram
2/ Post at least 4 photos from 12-18 August with these hashtags : #IWWF #VIVIDALIFESTYLE #EAWAKECHAMP2018 #WAKEPARADISEMILANO

Three winners will be announced on 20th August.

1st place : 150 EUROS to spend online

2nd place : 100 EUROS to spend online

3rd place : 50 EUROS to spend online


/ When will the winner be announced? 20th of August of 2018 at 19.00h (UK Time)
/ Where? Here at
/ What if I post more than 4 photos? You will have more chances of winning
/ What can I purchase with my prize? Anything on
/ Do I have to pay for shipping? No, Vivida absorbs ship costs worldwide free of charge.