Ride the Waves in Style and Comfort with Surf Bikinis

Author: Sophia Purnell

Surfing and seaside sports are a way of life, and finding a surf bikini that stays on is essential for living that life to the fullest. Trying to hunt down the holy grail of swimwear that looks great and stays in place can prove surprisingly tricky! Fortunately, Vivida agrees you needn’t sacrifice style for function. Wearing a Vivida two-piece out on the waves makes me feel perfectly comfortable and confident, enabling me to fully embrace the joy of the moment.

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  1. Not all Bikinis are Created Equal
  2. How to Be Comfortable Wearing a Bikini
  3. Look for Hard-Wearing, Sustainable Fabrics
  4. Opt for Functional and Flattering Cuts
  5. Use Colours and Prints to Perfectly Reflect Your Style
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Not all Bikinis are Created Equal

Since they were first popularised in the 1960s, bikinis have long been the swimwear of choice for surf souls and beach babes alike. They offer a level of comfort and range of movement that a one-piece costume can’t hope to match. Not all bikinis are created equal, however, as most of us will have discovered at some point in our seaside adventures. In fact, finding a surf bikini that stays on throughout a full day on the waves has proved surprisingly tricky! 

Lack of support, flimsy straps, and fiddly detailing have all got in the way of my own enjoyment of the water, more often than I’d care to mention. As a result, now I’ve discovered Vivida’s great-looking and secure-fitting range of reversible swimwear I want to shout about it from the rooftops!

How to Be Comfortable Wearing a Bikini

Comfort and confidence when wearing a bikini all come down to proper fit and thoughtful design. It’s far less about what your body looks like than many people think. Keeping fit and healthy with plenty of movement and a surfer diet is important for our well-being, not for how we look in swimwear! 

Instead, prioritise a bikini that fits closely yet moves with your body, hugging your curves tightly no matter how intense your activities. A secure and supportive fit is the first thing I look for in swimwear - after all, worrying about your bikini coming loose is guaranteed to put a dampener on things! Proper coverage that keeps everything held in place is essential to being able to relax and enjoy the waves.

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Look for Hard-Wearing, Sustainable Fabrics

Another area where lesser bikinis fail is with cheap, flimsy fabrics that lose their integrity after just a few outings. Say goodbye to saggy, wrinkly swimsuits, and opt for durable and sustainable high-tech fabric that retains its stretch against the toughest conditions. Vivida’s swimsuits are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, and offer UPF 50+, meaning they protect your skin and the planet while staying perfectly in place- what’s not to love? 

Opt for Functional and Flattering Cuts

Surfing and water sports require a perfect range of movement, and I’ve found that racerbacks and cross-back straps are ideal for maximum mobility. When it comes to bottoms, high-waisted cuts and boy shorts offer the perfect blend of coverage and freedom of motion. As luck would have it, these cuts and shapes flow beautifully with the feminine lines of the body, making them ideal for feeling like a knockout, both in and out of the water.

Use Colours and Prints to Perfectly Reflect Your Style

When you’re stripping off on the beach, you want the bikini underneath to properly represent your tastes and style. Thanks to Vivida’s innovative mix-and-match reversible bikinis, you can choose the colours and prints that perfectly reflect your mood on the day without filling your luggage with bikini options. You can be free to go sleek and sultry with graphite tones, embrace the beauty of nature in shades of green and blue, or show off your adventurous spirit with the iconic Map of Dreams print. I’ve found that sporting a look that embodies my personal style really adds to the enjoyment of my seaside experience.

The perfect surf bikini requires an optimal combination of secure fit, comfort, function, and style. Vivida have cracked it with their designs, which offer the ideal blend of durable materials cut to fit the female form beautifully, and which stay put throughout the most rigorous activities. Wearing a Vivida bikini, I’m able to embrace the thrill of the waves while looking and feeling my best. And at the end of a long day of seaside fun, there’s no better cover-up than one of their super-soft women's organic cotton t-shirts.


Sophia Purnell is a writer for TIDAL Digital, covering a wide range of topics. She enjoys swimming year-round in the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs of Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, as well as taking regular breaks to visit family in the South-West and the Cornish coastal waters. When not in her swimwear, she also is a keen Yoga and Pilates enthusiast, with an interest in all things related to health and well-being.