Review: Our Two Waterproof Changing Robes


Vivida’s changing robe collection has won hearts, awards, and global praise. Vivida strived to design the world’s warmest, most functional, and best-looking changing robe - and by golly did they succeed! 

For surfers and cold water swimmers alike, a changing robe is a non-negotiable piece of kit. Changing robes makes waterside-changing difficulties a challenge of the past by concealing your dignity, keeping the elements off you, preserving heat, and being a multi-faceted outfit choice. 

Gone are the days of clambering out of your wetsuit or swimming costume into 6 soggy hoodies, broken zipped raincoats, and a sodden beanie - the changing robe eliminates all the faff and is pretty much all you need to pack!

From elite performance fabrics to relentlessly resourceful functions and features Vivida Lifestyle’s lovingly crafted changing robes are more than your new funky outdoor coat, they are the pièce de résistance of high-efficiency outerwear.

The Vivida Changing Robe come in two designs:

  1. The Vivida Puffer All Weather Changing Robe

  2. The Vivida Sherpa All Weather Changing Robe 

The puffer changing robe has even been selected as GQ Magazine's Best Premium Changing Robe.

Each design is available in 3 eye-catching colour variations:

  1. Aventurine Green

  2. Mineral Blue

  3. Fossil Grey

We will review the benefits of the different elements in both changing robes below:



Keeping water out is paramount to a top-notch changing robe so look for a waterproof outer shell that can keep you dry. 

Both Vivida robes are identical in this respect and boast a high-performance waterproof, yet breathable outer shell, so you’ll be dry but not sticky or sweaty when you get out of the water.

  • Four-way stretch design facilitates movement and freedom, so you can wear it and do post-dip yoga 
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester so you can be sure you’re respecting the ocean you’re using and loving
  • Multilayer technology brings increased levels of waterproofness (tip: we explain this in more detail below)

Layer 1: The Bionic Finish® Eco, PFC-free, durable, water-repellent coating allows water to bead up and roll away from your waterproof changing robe. 

(Super helpful when you’re rushing back to the car in the sheeting rain!)

Layer 2: Soft-touch, peached, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. 

(You’re welcome, environment) 

Layer 3: 5000mm waterproof laminate. 

(We’ve tested this, even running the outer layer under the tap won’t make it surrender, a big win from our testers.)

We recommend considering the outer shell of the robe you choose, as this is your basic layer of protection from the elements and can make or break wether you end up wet or dry.

Comparison: None. 


You need a robe that delivers immediate relief from icy temperatures and keeps you warm long-term. Both robes do this for you but in different ways


The puffer model has a honeycomb soft fleece lining combined with an ultra-insulating QuiltedCloud fill designed to trap warmth to preserve your body heat.

QuiltedCloud Fill

 ✓   Synthetic fill insulation mimics properties of down, warming the body quickly. While the recycled honeycomb fleece draws water away from the skin.

 ✓   QuiltedCloud synthetic down (fill weight: 135g- phoar, that’s light, that’s the same weight as a dragon fruit!)

 ✓   Warmer over long periods. (say hello to longer sessions)


The sherpa robe is fleece lined with synthetic lambswool, keeping in your warmth whilst wicking away moisture. 

Advanced fleece lining:

 ✓   Warms body quickly while drawing water away from the skin

 ✓   Sherpa fleece lining (synthetic lambswool), made from 75% Repreve® recycled plastic bottles and 25% polyester.

The inner fleece lining of the sherpa fleece is cosier upon initial touch; however, after time, the quilted puffer will retain heat longer thanks to its ultra-insulating QuiltedCloud fill, which traps warmth to preserve your body heat to a greater extent than the sherpa fleece.

Comparison: It depends on whether you need a warmer or more water-wicking model?


We are really digging the oversized toggled hood with drawstring style for the ultimate face protection and extra warmth. Both the designs of the changing robes feature a peaked cap hood to truly shelter the face and neck from harsher conditions. The only difference is that the sherpa hood is fleece lined to retain the shape of the hood more effectively.  

On both the puffer and sherpa designs the hood has a drawstring mechanism for ultimate unique fit and cosiness. This makes a massive difference if you’re watching the conditions from the shore trying to decide which board to take or how far you’re going to swim in high winds and rain without being too put off…

Now here’s the game changer; the draft collar. 

The draft collar is an optional zipped-in extension of the collar that can be closed to cover the entire lower neck and face for extra warmth. This feature is on both robes. 

Comparison: Sherpa has a more structured hood, but both nifty in the hood department


No bulky robes here folks!

We took these bad boys through the mill, we’re talking hiking up cliff faces, riding at the rainiest surf spots you can imagine,  and swimming in some near-zero pools. The all-weather changing robe is a “turn the car around if you forget it” type essential. 

It’s so crazy easy to pack with you. Each robe comes with super soft travel compatible packsack that serves as a free dry bag. 

The puffer robe packs down to 40cm x 40cm x 15cm and fits easily into its pack sack that doubles as a travel pillow. We found this pillow feature super zen after high-energy water sessions. Who doesn’t love a waterside nap?

The sherpa contorts even smaller to 35cm x 30cm x 15cm and also fits into a handy travel pillow/ bag. 

Listen up travelers, you know that any dual-purpose item when you’re packing light goes straight to the top of the list. Especially for the campers amongst you, an extra pillow is never a bad vibe. 

Comparison: Sherpa packs are marginally smaller, but both come with a multi-purpose super soft pack sack/ travel pillow. Yes, you can take it on a long-haul flight as your pillow. 

Yep, mind blown. 


Don’t skip this bit. There are so many highly engineered features on these robes, but we reduced them down to bite-size chunks to make the decision as easy as Sunday morning for you. 


Both robes have inner and outer pockets, and both are waterproof. Zipped outer pockets allow easy access to the stuff you need while keeping your hands warm and gadgets dry. There is a large interior stash pocket to store any found cowry shells, daisy chains, or van keys…


Crucial for traveling and for wearing. Medium size puffer robe weighs 1.45kg, and a medium-size sherpa robe weighs 1.3kg. Both are truly a lightweight robe. 

Vivida robes weigh considerably less than other changing robes on the market. The lighter performance fabrics ensure maximum insulation without compromising style. Every time we wear Vivida robes to a rainy pub garden, we get compliments on how stylish our new coat is!


Enough of the technical design features, how it feels on your body is fundamental to choosing your changing robe. Vivida has chosen premium quality fabrics, no other robe on the market mirrors this effort. The four-way stretch material and reinforced side slits move with your body and won’t restrict you from moving TOTALLY NORMALLY in your changing robe. 

Use the size guide to find your aligned measurements. 


Cold hands, sandy zips, and salty air. Not a good combo for zips. Vivida nailed this by incorporating oversized two-way zippers, so you can unzip the top and the bottom simultaneously, easily pull the toggle and open the bottom for a wider stance if hiking or moving dynamically. 


Featured on the puffer robe, the concealed wrist gators lock in the warmth and keep dirt out of the sleeves.


Featured on the sherpa robe, all seams are beautifully sealed. 


Effortlessly hang your robe on any hook, hammock, or tree without damaging or stretching the fabric with the neck located hanging loop


Etch your name, number, and favorite quote to live by in the tag to make your changing robe as unique as you are.

There’s no doubt Vivida has created one of the warmest changing robes available on the market. The trio of colour options has been specifically selected to harmonise and blend in with the beauty of nature. Our Vivida tribe lives life through adventure and getting as close to the natural world as humanly possible is made effortless with the help of the sherpa and puffer all weather-changing robes. 

Thank you for reading our changing robe review. 

Choose well, and you’ll never stop your adventure.


Indie Bornhoft is a personal trainer and watersports coach, who encourages her clients to make movement their mantra. She has coached every ability in wakeboarding, paddleboarding, SUP fitness, and windsurfing for over ten years, and is highly qualified in all disciplines. Discover more about her drive to just keep moving and be inspired to connect to the raw power of body & spirit through fitness.