Nina Font's journey to the Kitesurf Youth Olympic Games and beyond

TeamVivida Nina Font Castells: 2018 Kitesurf Racing World Champion 

Our beloved, humble, kind Nina Font has made a much deserved break-through in the world of kiteboarding;  especially within the Twin Tip Racing (TTR) league and further into the Youth Olympic trials. At just 16 years old, Nina has already built up an almighty track record, and she is just getting started. Despite tough competition, we really believe she could make the podium in Buenos Aires at the Youth Olympic Games later this year and after her recent performances, she really could come home with a gold medal for Spain! In 2016, Nina became the European Freestyle Junior Champion and earlier this year she became the 2018 TTR Youth World Champion and TTR Spanish National Champion. Nina is a true ambassador to the Vivida Lifestyle and we are so so proud of her achievements. 

TeamVivida Joe Fulton sat down for a catch-up and created this interview as a way to give the Vivida community a further insight into our wonderful Nina Font and how her daily inspiration towards all types of kiting completely reflects Vivida’s mission statement


J. Fulton (TeamVivida): Hey Nina, how old were you when you started kiting and when did you start competing? Who were main inspirations to pursue kiting as a career?

N. Font (TeamVivida): Hi! So I started kiting when I was about 12 years old and just a few month later, in spring, I did my first competition, even though it was something unexpected since in the beginning I went there just to support my brother and I ended up competing too, for lack of girls.

When I started competing I did not considerate kiteboarding as a career. I was having fun, having a great time, meeting new people… so I encouraged myself to continue in this and there came a point where I started to take it more seriously. From the age of 14 I follow my studies online and this allowed me to have more time to kite, to travel in search of the wind to be able to train almost daily, and all this thanks to the unconditional support of my family and my sponsors. 

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): You have obviously grown up kitesurfing. What inspired you to take the path of competing? It seems kiting runs in your family especially with your brother Noé Font becoming quite a name in the freestyle side of the sport! Do you find that he has a big influence on the drive you have to push harder and harder in competitions? Or do you find that you like to push yourself? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): Competing has been more something that arrived by itself. When I started kiting, at that moment, I didn’t think about any of this. But I got the opportunity to compete and I liked it, so I took advantage of it.

My brother always helps me a lot, advise me, motivates me and inspires me!! But competition is something more personal, more intimate.. it’s something yours, the chance to learn is always there!!

J. Fulton (TeamVivida) The whole of TeamVivida is so so proud of your achievements in China winning the TTR Junior World Championships. And with TTR Kitesurf Race confirmed for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, I’m sure your eyes will be set on training all you can to make the most of this one in a lifetime opportunity! 2 years ago, would you have ever imagined all of this? What do you see your day to day like in 2022 in the run-up to the Olympic Games? Have you any idea? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): Thank you very much for your support guys! Well, no, I did not imagine any of this at all. I heard about the TTR and the YOG just a year ago, so it’s been something that happened very fast and something very surprising for me too. Honestly, no, I don’t think this far. For the moment, I just think about this year, in putting the energy into all this and in enjoying this unique opportunity to the fullest and to live it until the end. Afterwards we’ll see, step by step!

(The TTR is for the YOG – Youth Olympic Games, in Paris 2024 it will be hydrofoil.)

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): The kiteboarding industry is undergoing lots of changes. Whats your ultimate dream for the kite industry by 2024? Where would you like to see it? And where would you like to see yourself within it?

N. Font (TeamVivida): I would love to see the kite industry, specially with much more recognition and that reaches a lot more people. Regarding about the gear, see it evolve, with improvements and novelties. And I see myself totally involved in this world.

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): At this time, what provides the most meaning in your life? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): Basically health, family and happiness while doing what I love. I’m excited for everything to come!

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): How do you interpret the Vivida Lifestyle? Does your interpretation have an influence on your daily personal life as well as your kiteboarding career? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): In a few words, It’s a huge family of human beings passionate for what they do. I am part of it and that’s why it influences my daily life and my sports career. 

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): Having competed through china and europe, do you think that the new TTR set up has inspired lots of girls to compete too? Theres seems to be no lacking of female riders! What do you think? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): Yes, that’s right, It is so nice to see so many girls in the TTR competitions! I think that being a modality that is more accessible to all of us and that will go to the YOG, it has motivated more both boys and girls to start. It is so so cool and I love to see how more and more girls are encouraged to kite!

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): Do you have to make compromises between your studies and your kitesurfing and as a result do you find you have less time for other personal interests? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): It’s about to find out the balance in between what this brings me and what I haven’t lived, in other words, what I win and what I lose.

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): What advice do you have for others following in your footsteps looking to become a sponsored pro kitesurfer?  

N. Font (TeamVivida): First of all trust and then you will find the support you need.

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): You’ve been kiting for quite a few years now, what has been the funniest situation you’ve found yourself in with kiting? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): I had a lot of great moments with kiting!

But one to remember is when once on the way to Tarifa with my father, the GPS took us to another route and it snowed so much that we were left with the car in this small town, empty, a bit scary, like the ones in the movies, in the middle of the mountain, just in front of these man’s house, quite weird everything, but he was actually very nice, and he let us spend the night in his couch, since there were no hotels in the area. It was a trip to remember!

J. Fulton (TeamVivida): What’s next for you? Of course the YOG are the main goal, but what do you want to pursue after Buenos Aires? 

N. Font (TeamVivida): Nothing special, just keep on going with my daily life and that means studying, kiting and enjoying it. 

2018 TwinTip:Racing Slalom Youth World Championship


1. Deuri Corniel (DOM), 4pts
2. Haoran Zhang (CHN), 11.5pts
3. Lorenzo Calcano (DOM), 14pts
4. Martin Dolenc (CRO), 19pts
5. Benoit Gomez (FRA), 20pts

1. Nina Font Castells (ESP), 4pts
2. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA), 13.5pts
3. Kewen Li (CHN), 19pts
4. Poema Newland (FRA), 19pts
5. Alice Ruggiu (ITA), 21pts

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