The best drinks bottles for outdoor sports

Collaboration with Onegreenbottle

This Hydration Week (13th-19th March) we're pointing you in the direction of an ocean-friendly company who create everything you need to stay hydrated by the water’s edge. Purpose driven brand Onegreenbottle has a drinks bottle for every activity, all while funding ocean cleanup projects and providing a stylish alternative to single use plastic. Here we look at their best solutions for staying hydrated when walking, swimming and surfing. Even better, as a Vivida reader you get 15% off your Onegreenbottle order with code VL15.

Onegreenbottle Thermal insulated metal bottles - Evolution range

The best bottle for walking

When you’re out exploring the coast and countryside, maybe scouting out the best wild swimming spots, you’re going to want to stay hydrated, especially when the weather starts getting warmer. The Evolution range from Onegreenbottle is thermoregulated, which means each of these bottles keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. They also come with a sports cap for easy sipping on the move, and come in a huge range of beautiful muted colours. The whole Evolution range is also compatible with Onegreenbottle Sloops, which are little detachable handles to make carrying your drink a whole lot easier and free up your hands for dog leads, maps, swimming or camping gear.

Thermal insulated steel Mugs - One green bottle - ethical and sustainable

The best thermal flask for wild swimming

After a plunge in cold waters it’s important to warm yourself up again as safely as possible, and a hot drink is a good way to start! Once you’ve got yourself wrapped up in your changing robe, there’s nothing better than sitting on the beach with a strong, sweet tea or coffee and enjoying the view. Onegreenbottle’s Thermal Mugs come in sizes up to 500ml (because you can never have too much coffee) and are leakproof when properly closed. This means you can chuck it in your swim bag with the rest of your kit without fear of soaking everything.

Thermal insulated steel Mugs - One green bottle - ethical and sustainable

The best bottle for surfing

Surfing is a harder one to pack for. Although you’re going to be working hard and getting your body temperature up, you’re still taking a plunge in the ocean, which (if you’re in the UK) is rarely going to be warm. Onegreenbottle’s Epic bottles are adaptable to all adventure needs, as they keep drinks hot or cold with vacuum insulation. They're leakproof, have a large capacity and a range of interchangeable caps to suit your drinking style.

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