Introducing the Vivida All-Weather Changing Robes - the Sustainable, High-Performance Outdoor Essential

Insulated, eco-friendly and versatile, the Vivida Changing Robes are the ultimate outdoor companion and now available online. 

Building upon their established track record in pioneering the poncho towel since 2015, Vivida Lifestyle announces their All-Weather Changing Robes – the essential outdoor item for waterside exploration and beyond.  Previously available via pre-order, this winter must-have is now available to ship worldwide, just in time for an adventurous new year. 


The Vivida Lifestyle All-Weather Changing Robes come in two styles, including a Quilted Puffer and Sherpa Fleece-lined option. Both are available in several beautifully earthy and muted tones. Designed to shelter you in every weather condition, these robes function as high-tech, eco-friendly, insulated & rainproof personal changing rooms. The Vivida changing robes are sustainably made with thoughtful features throughout, including a two-way zip for flexibility when changing, and the ability to pack down into a convenient travel pillow. Eco features include the use of Bionic Finish® Eco PFC-free durable water-repellent coating as well as 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. 

The main challenge will be deciding between the Puffer version with a honeycomb lining, combined with the ultra-insulating, QuiltedCloud fill, or the cosy Sherpa fleece lining, which keeps in the warmth whilst wicking away moisture. Both possess the same insulating and waterproof features, yet each is unique in their look and feel. 

The Vivida Lifestyle All-Weather Changing Robes have recently been featured in major publications such as Vogue, GQ, Carve Magazine, Surf Girl Magazine, Outdoor Swimmer, The Daily Mail, Kiteboarding Magazine, and others. Described as a must-have for watermen and women alike, the Vivida Changing Robes stand out for their eco-friendly materials, their unique and thoughtful details, high performance, and build quality. At a time when waterside activities are booming, from wild & open water swimming to surf & wakeboarding, camping, and more, this item is a kit essential that transcends age, sport, or location – it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. 

In creating these stand-out changing robes, company founder & CEO, David Harris-Burland remarks, ““It’s been incredible to see such a positive reception of a product we put so much heart and soul into. 4 years in mind, 2 years in R&D – you know what they say; all good things take time. These changing robes exemplify beautifully the Vivida spirit & purpose, and we could not be more proud that the robes have debuted to such glowing reviews and incredible demand. We love to see how the product facilitates and enables people’s lives and waterside adventures all around the globe.” 

As Vivida has grown to be more than a brand – rather a community, philosophy, and lifestyle – these changing robes serve as further proof that passion and purpose can go hand in hand with exceptional products that carry with them a vibrant, authentic feel.


About Vivida Lifestyle

Built to inspire a life well-lived, Vivida exists for the adventures, dreamers, thinkers, and doers. Initially created as a purely passion-driven project, Vivida Lifestyle serves as a reminder and daily inspiration to live life to the fullest. 

Today, this passion project has evolved into a movement that touches nearly every corner of the world with sustainable products and unmistakable energy. Their name, derived from ‘Viva la Vida’, is the basis of our philosophy in all that they do, support, and create. Vivida sportswear & gear is built to enhance your adventures, with travel-friendly, eco-conscious & built-for-you quality and style. 

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Jackie Tyburski dives deep into the stories and true essence of the Vivida Lifestyle brand, ethos, and mission. She believes the right words illuminate our purpose and capture life's moments in pure, imperfect, and poetic form. Travelling, cooking, yoga, and paddle-boarding are a few of Jackie's other favourite things, alongside being a mom and wife to a few awesome humans.