Enjoy Life - 3 Simple & Powerful Techniques to Unlocking Happiness

Words by Shealan Faere Butler

So you want to enjoy your life more but your life circumstances are making it difficult. Here is a simple internal action you can take.

Many years ago I was going through a really tough time at university, money was tight and I was not going to be able to finish my degree. I was an international student and the funding for my last year was refused, so naturally, the university kicked me out on my broke ass. 

It was at this time of some mental turmoil that I was caught by the RABBIT DUCK.

What do you see? A rabbit? A duck?

kitesurf bikiniNow start flipping your brain between the two images. Powerful and simple right? That to me, was the perfect analogy of PERSPECTIVE. We have the power to choose what we want to see. 

Your situation may not change for years. You may be slogging through some crap situations that you have no control over.  Perhaps your path to your dreams has narrowed or come to a dead end?  It sucks, and I feel you. But check this...



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We experience life through the lens in which we view it. There are some things that we must change through taking the right actions, but there are times in life where we do not have the power to change the immediate situation. 

As much as we would like life to be like a curated Instagram feed of perfect moments, reality hits and life does not go the way we planned. I didn't get my funding and I had to leave university without my degree. But I did decide to see that final year of no university as a blessing and opportunity. I took that year to start my freelance career and won a place on a business course.  By the time my peers finished their degree, I had already made my own short film, a couple of music videos and had help for my own startup through the business training I received for free.

I had no control over not getting enough money to finish my degree, but I did have control over how I was going to see the situation. You will know where you can't take control and so I will encourage you on where you do have power. Your perspective.

“Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”Dale Carnegie

Can you see the stars? They are there. Sometimes you just need to stand on your tip-toes to see them. Use some brain power to start shifting how you are viewing your life and current scenarios you find yourself in. 

Kitesurf wetsuit, surf wetsuit

Practical Actions

  1. Create some thinking space, some downtime where you can really think about how you are viewing things. Is there something else to see, another angle to come at it from?

  2. Or maybe you need to step back and become more objective about it. Ask those close to you for some self-insight that may help. Often we need an outsiders perspective. 

  3. Read a book about someone who went through some crazy crap but came through it better and stronger. Get inspired by others journeys.

Exercise our choosing muscle. This is not going to happen overnight, it is a journey,  I repeat, this is a journey. But If you apply yourself, over a period of time you will find life is a lot more enjoyable despite what is going on around you. 

Embark on this daily adventure. Change your perspective and learn to look up at the stars.

Much love. Your water baby sister,


Shealan Faere Butler is a photographer, videographer and scriptwriter. She seeks to create beauty, re-enchant the heart and tell stories that connect us to deep emotion and truth through her work. Her Grow Your Dreams podcast provides encouragement, insights, and practical tips on how to grow the dream in your heart.


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