The Linda Wetsuit: A tale of innovation and perseverance

We *think* we're safe in declaring the Vivida Lifestyle Linda Wetsuit as the first reversible zipped wetsuit in the world. We certainly couldn’t find anything similar in 2018 when we kicked off the initial research and development. 

The Original

Our Linda wetsuit first came onto the scene in 2016 as a flower power shortie. Inspired by an early Vivida ambassador, Linda Viktoria Olofsson, "Linda" also means "pretty", "cute" and "lovely" in Spanish - so the name was a perfect fit.

Vivida Lifestyle Linda Wetsuit 2016

We loved the way the first Linda surf suit made people feel when they wore her out on the water, but as ever, we wanted to evolve and see how we could make her even better. We wanted to give women a more flexible suit, with improved sustainability credentials. We wanted people to have the option to wear a bold wetsuit or choose something minimal, without spending more or accumulating more than they needed. We wanted to make her reversible. As we got deeper in developing this pioneering product evolution, we soon came to understand why there were no reversible zipped wetsuits on the market - it wasn't an easy feat! 

The Challenge

The most significant challenge was the development of the reversible property in a way that didn't compromise on functionality, comfort or aesthetics. As we collaborated with our Vivida community of passionate water women during the product development, we found that one side of the wetsuit was still perceived as the 'inside'. We wanted both sides indistinguishable, seamless - we needed the 'inside' the same high calibre as the 'outside'.

We went back to the drawing board a few times, exploring new ways to achieve a truly reversible design. Our factory was getting frustrated: "can’t we just launch?" No - we needed to get it right. There was no reversible wetsuit we could look to in the market to give us clues or shortcuts. Successful redesign and development tweaks included a zip felt facing that not only added comfort (providing protection from the zip rubbing the collar bone area), but also contributed to making the inside/outside of the suit indistinguishable. Sleek, luxurious, and gorgeous - whichever side you wear!

New and Improved

With more finessing, we made it work. Two years of research and development later, we brought the Reversible Linda to the world in Summer 2020. We finally created the perfect product. A one-of-a-kind sustainable and functional work of art that takes your water-filled experiences to new heights.

The Linda is one of our best-selling pieces of women’s swimwear, and for good reason. The unique fully reversible design gives you two suits in one - choose between sleek graphite shades or the artistic embellishment of our iconic Map of Dreams print. Every aspect her thoughtful design is made for the ocean goddess within you, now available in sizes XS to XXL.

The Linda Wetsuit’s flexible, sustainable 2mm neoprene, offers the ideal mix of insulation, ease of movement, elegance and connection with nature.
Made for swimming and surfing, the eco-chic reversible shortie Linda Wetsuit is the perfect match for year-round water adventures: whether that’s a sunset kite, ocean freedive exploration, a moment of paddle-board peace, or even a wild-swim before work.

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If you know of any other reversible zipped wetsuits, do get in touch - we'd love to see them!

Miranda Mazzarella looks after Ecommerce and Marketing at Vivida Lifestyle. When she's not making sure the website's working or creating our next email campaign, she enjoys photography, dancing and woodland walks. Her happy place is sea snorkelling amongst the fishes.