Cold Water Immersion, Wim Hof & Starting the Day Right with Ben Hounslow

Step inside Ben Hounslow's water Wim Hof rituals and evolving frame of mind in this episode of Living Vivida. From Wim Hof ice baths, cold water immersion and moments of solitude to watersports that bring action to life, this journey is an exploration of mind, body and soul. It's a life defined by appreciation for nature and a daily dose of flow.

The Living Vivida series encapsulates the spirit of the Vivida community, capturing personal journeys & explorations through words and imagery - created to inspire and enjoy. Join us as we lead you through adventure, introspection and discovery, lovingly told by the voices of Vivida.

Ben wears a Vivida Lifestyle All Weather Puffer Changing Robe in Mineral Blue, Vivida Lifestyle Neptune Neoprene Hoodie, Vivida Lifestyle Mens Surf & Swim Shorts in Botanical Green and a Vivida Lifestyle Sherpa Changing Robe in Fossil Grey.

Jackie Tyburski dives deep into the stories and true essence of the Vivida Lifestyle brand, ethos, and mission. She believes the right words illuminate our purpose and capture life's moments in pure, imperfect, and poetic form.  Travelling, cooking, yoga, and paddle-boarding are a few of Jackie's other favourite things, alongside being a mom and wife to a few awesome humans.