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Whether you’re selecting sustainable swimwear for the chilly waters of the UK or further afield, sustainable swimwear that’s as ethical as it is beautiful can be difficult to find.

Women's swimsuits at Vivida Lifestyle don’t compromise on ethics or style. Our recycled swimwear utilises some of the most innovative technologies to turn post consumer plastic bottles into high-performance, soft, sustainable, and stay-put swimwear.

Our full range of eco-friendly swimwear is designed with thoughtful finishes in mind, like UFP 50+ fabric and wide underbands integrated into our sustainable bikini tops, for comfort and endurance whilst you’re in the ocean or adventuring.

We have a range of swim garments to suit any watersports enthusiast, like reversible bikini bottoms and bikini tops, so you can mix and match to get the most out of your soft, comfortable new set. Wear them together or pair with a rash guard for ultimate protection.

Our sleeved rash guards are designed in patterns that are inspired by nature and made in soft fabrics with UFP 50+ to protect your skin. Maximum comfort allows you to stay focused in the water, enjoying the elements and the experience of the moment.

Our Water Warrior one-piece swimsuit is a perfect choice for outdoor swimmers, surfers and paddle boarders alike. With full sleeves for protection from the sun and sea, it has an adjustable tie to help you get the perfect fit from your garment.

Vivida is committed to creating as little waste as possible, so our sustainable swimwear is made to be long-lasting, making it an affordable, quality option for people who love to be in and near the water. Our sustainable swimwear is produced in small quantities and often available via pre-order as a way to cut down on environmental waste. All our sustainable swimwear is Global Recycled Standard Certified and comes in industrially-compostable, plant-based packaging, and we are always working to do more

Being close to nature is important to you, so choose an eco-friendly swimsuit that protects and supports the environment as much as it protects and supports you…