Vivida Partners with NOWCA, the UK’s Leading Open Water Network

Vivida is happy to announce a new partnership with NOWCA, a community of over 35,000 adventurous, open water swimmers. Focused on providing safe and beautiful open water venues for swimmers, NOWCA not only provides an incredible service for its members, but also a devoted community of like-minded individuals, all passionate about enjoying the open water.

Their world leading systems and technologies tackle safety and venue efficiency head on. NOWCA's open water safety system and professional training has already helped venues raise safety standards for staff and visitors alike. Safety is at the core of everything they do, it is the ultimate driving force behind NOWCA. And to prove their commitment to safety, NOWCA's safety systems & technologies are provided at no cost.

They are the trusted experts for open water safety. NOWCA’s big ambition is to continue expanding their venue network to give the open water community greater access to safer locations nationwide, whether it be a lake, estuary, river, beach, or in the wild.

As Vivida’s roots run deep in all things ocean and nature related, we hope to inspire those interested in open water or wild swimming to check out their site and explore some of NOWCAs fantastic locations.

In partnering with NOWCA, we’re able to provide special offers through their NOWCA Perks program. This program is unique in that it focuses on brands that share NOWCA’s values in sustainability and eco consciousness. We are proud to be featured their perks program and to continue to find new ways to collaborate in ways that bring value to their members and beyond. You can find this exclusive partnership offer at NOWCA Perks. Not a NOWCA member yet? Sign up now on the free ACTiO app.

We welcome NOWCA members as well as any of those interested in open water swimming to explore the NOWCA and Vivida Instagram & Facebook through the month of October, for a special Vivida giveaway. This giveaway will feature our brand new range of dry changing robes, which are made sustainably and ideal for the cold temps that are soon approaching. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to win 2 of our best-selling poncho changing towels. Both are considered swimming kit essentials.  

Check out NOWCA Instagram, NOWCA Facebook, Vivida Instagram, Vivida Facebook to enter the giveaway, which ends Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

NOWCA will help get you out on the water, while Vivida will keep your warm and dry. A match made in swimming heaven. 🌊


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