Best Places In The World To Wakeboard By Continent and Month

You’re ready to ride – you just need to find the ideal location. Maybe you’re traveling or perhaps planning a trip away from home. Tracking down that sweet spot location can be tricky. You want to get in as much riding as possible, while also having the opportunity to progress your skills with just the right amount of challenge and idyllic atmosphere. Plus, the people and setting always contributes to a great experience. Determining the vibe – laid back, competitive, or perhaps a bit of both? Use this guide to lead you to your next wakeboard mecca experience.

Get ready to uncover the best places to wakeboard in the world. From wakeboarding UK hotspots to the most captivating wakeboard parks overseas, here you’ll discover the best of the best wakeboarding gems for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders, as well as the best destinations to visit each month.

Continents / Areas


The Best Places to Wakeboard for Beginners

Wakeup Docklands, London, UK

Wakeboarding UK hotspots are massively popular, especially for beginners. OK, you might not get the sandy beaches and dreamy blue skies (weather permitting), but it’ll help you build your experience before testing out choppier waters.

One of the best wakeboarding London schools for learners is Wakeup Docklands. Located in the heart of London, you can take lessons on land before progressing to water. There’s a system 2.0 with 2 separate cables, stand-up paddleboarding and hydrofoiling. You can even hire wakeboards and wetsuits if you don’t have your own equipment yet.

The Best Places to Wakeboard for Advanced

Suwannee River, residing between Florida and Georgia, USA

Wakeboard Magazine named this one of the top wakeboard courses, thanks to hosting several top competitions here. Some of the world’s most impressive wakeboarding names have rode the waves here, making it a must for any advanced wakeboarder. If you’re heading here, opt for the wider areas of the river to avoid fishermen and boaters. The calmer waters make it ideal for beginners, as well as those who wish to admire the scenery.

Best Places to Wakeboard in the UK

Liquid Leisure (Plastic Playground), Berkshire, UK

From beginner to experienced, the cable park located here is incredible. It’s got a two-tower system for those starting out, to experience with a coach, and also a full size five-tower system that allows for up to 11 people to be towed simultaneously. With two double width pool gaps and tons of features, this is a must-experience kind of park that few in the world rival. Providing lesson options for all levels and crew that is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, it’s difficult to have a bad day here, period. Progress your skills here with top of the line facilities and don’t forget to bring your friends.

Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar, UK

As Scotland’s first cable wakeboarding park, this location is well known for its inviting vibe and multi-activity offerings. In fact, it’s the only spot in the region where you can have a zipline sessions after your wakeboard session. This park is system 2, so it’s not as fully equipped as some of the other parks out there, however, it a fun and unique spot to enjoy for all ages. Many report back that it’s a super friendly place with helpful trainers and knowledgable staff.

Box End Park, Bedford, UK

Sitting on 100 acres and family-owned, this park is all about the entirety of your experience, from wakeboarding to dining and entertainment. This park has got some really unique features with shapes you won’t see anywhere else and they regularly change the layout to keep things fresh and new-to-you. All abilities are welcome here and it’s well known for being ideal for events and big groups. It’s always a plus too when you don’t have to bring your own lunch – just relax and enjoy some food service.

Hannam’s, Stretham, UK

Situated amongst scenic farmlands, Hannam’s Wake Hub is BWSW accredited and boasts a 5 Corner Cable, a straight line cable, and a great range of UNIT obstacles. From the most seasoned wakeboarder to the 101 level, this park is ideal for increasing riding ability and trying out new things, such as wakeskating – in fact, they have a sponsored pro wakeskater on staff. They also claim to have the only Level 3 wakeboard coach in the UK – so if it serious skill you are after, look no further.

Spot On Wake, Warwickshire, UK

Combining rural beauty, easy access, and great amenities, Spot On Wake is awesome for progressing your riding and learning new tricks. This park runs on two 9m Sesitec System 2.0 cables. This is a two-tower straight line cable wakeboard system that provides a continuous ride. With the ability to hit to hit the same rail up to 30 times in a fifteen-minute session, this park will get you plenty of time on the water with nice lift and line tension.

New Forest Water Park, Fordingbridge, UK

This is a popular place if you’re looking for having an event or enjoying yourself for a several-day wake excursion. Camping facilities allow you to be close to the action for days on end, and also experience some tranquility and natural beauty. While they’ve got a host of activities, the wakepark itself has 2 cable systems – one 2.0 system for beginners (straight line) and one Rixen 5.0 system for more advanced riders. As a 5-corner system, New Forest Water Park is able to offer the latest in cable technology and can handle up to 6 riders at one time. It a fun, unique spot with excellent infrastructure.

Best Places to Wakeboard in Europe

Wakeboard Cable Park, Lake Como, Italy

Why is Lake Como one of the best places to wakeboard? Well, it’s home to several wakeboard clubs. We personally recommend Wakeboard Cable Park, especially if you’re still learning the ropes and want to wakeboard in the safety of tranquil waters. As the first of its kind in Lake Como, Wakeboard Cable Park provides the equipment for you to use. Just bring a towel, change of clothes and goggles and you’re good to go!

El Rancho WakePark, Tarragona, Spain

Built from a true passion for the sport of wakeboarding, the El Rancho park is simple, yet extremely fun. Maybe it’s the combination of good people and a solid cable setup that lends itself to such good vibes. With 2 uprails that join the two pools, the park is one of the most technical in Spain, which brings really great riders to the scene. The park is 160 meters long and 60 meters wide at a depth of 1.5 meters. Its also got a great area for camping for those who want to ride late and ride again early in the am. The perfect dawn patrol setup.

313 WakePark, Užpelkiai, Lithuania

Quite possibly the best wakeboarding in the Baltic Sea, 313 boasts amazing staff and awesome facilities. It’s also super easy to access, as it’s only 5 minutes outside of the city. Beginners and pros enjoy this spot equally with a full size cable system, including 5 tower Sesitec system and 12 features from UNIT Parktech. They’ve got accommodation, a shop, and pretty much the most ideal setup you could possibly ask for.


Lunar Cable Park, Almeria, Spain

This spot in southern Spain is state of the art and built to please. With a location that keeps warm and hardly ever experiences rain, you can be sure that this park is always ready to welcome visitors and wake enthusiasts. It’s got a 5-tower cable system with an 8-carrier capacity. If wakeboarding is wearing you out, you can also try out some SUPing, kayaking, or the Aqua Glide to mix it up. With food and drink on site, it’s what they call their 360 degree experience – pretty enticing.

WakeWay, Nemėžis, Lithuania

The cable track here is unique in that it goes around the lake and the mixed difficulty levels means it suited for all abilities. It’s got a 2-cable system, and riders report that the tension on the cable is ideal for doing air tricks in addition to having great obstacles. Since Lithuania’s wake scene seems to be growing extremely fast, there is no doubt this park will remain a standout in the area, brining wake aficionados from near and far.

OCP Olimpic Cable Park, Barcelona, Spain

The park at OCP was created in 2015 to be a complete system with 2 main cables – the Big Bro for intermediate to advanced and the Little Bro for beginners. The Big Bro has 1 mini kicker, 2 big kickers, an UpRail, a Box, one RoofTop feature, a FunBox, Spine, and a Double Pipe. It’s a RIXEN cable, with 5 pulleys on a fresh water channel that measures 680 meters. The Little Bro is a round trip circuit, 110 meters long and is a great place to begin. Everyone loves this park for its facilities, location, and great location. We couldn’t agree more.

Sevilla Wake Park, Sevilla, Spain

Conveniently located only 5 minutes from downtown Sevilla, in the Harbour of Gelves, this Wake Park is an extremely welcoming and easy-going location to enjoy riding improve skills. Said to have great instructors and a friendly atmosphere, this spot is especially great for beginners that might be intimidated by super advanced setups and may be just progressing to intermediate riding. Many consider Sevilla Wake Park the perfect ‘home away from home cable’, and look forward to seeing the same faces and enjoying a nice cable time and again.

Best Places to Wakeboard in Asia

Thai Wake Park, Bangkok

Thai Wake Park, Lumlukka, is a wakeboard park to spy top riders. Located just 45 minutes from the centre of the city, this park boasts unique obstacles, cables and a system completely suitable for beginners too. The park has accommodation, its own store and crazy membership deals for those who wish to return again, and again.

Camsur Watersport Complex (CWC), Pili, Philippines.

This park is fairly tricky to get to and therefore is definitely for the committed wakeboarders only. The reward is definitely worth it. The most Common Way of getting there is flying to Manila, then either an eight hour bus journey to Naga bus station followed by tuk-tuk to CWC, or flying from Manila to Naga (CWC do offer transfers to and from Naga airport). Both options have pros and cons. The bus journey during the day enables you to see more of the country but a night bus is also an option depending on what time your flight arrives. The wakepark is considered one of the best in the world, and rightly so. It boasts a huge range of features, hand built in Philippines, with an all round amazing atmosphere. ‘Happy Ending’, the on-site night club adds to the list of why you should make the extra bit of logistical effort. They have great accommodation, and lets face it who doesn’t love rolling out of bed in, opening the door of your private wooden cabin to a world class wakeboard cablepark. 

Best Place to Wakeboard in Africa

Lake Malawi

The third biggest lake in Africa, Lake Malawi is an idyllic landscape for any wakeboarder. Boasting crystal clear waters and tropical surroundings, this stunning lake makes the perfect backdrop for any wakeboarding adventure. Pumulani Lodge, near Cape Maclear offers a host of watersports, including wakeboarding. With ten villas, including a family lodge, it’s the ideal place to stay while learning wakeboarding skills.

Best Places to Wakeboard in North America

Orlando Watersports Complex, Orlando, Florida

We mentioned the Miami Watersports Complex location as one of the best spots to visit in March, but this one has to be included as well. Floridians love their watersports – especially wake, so its no surprise that the state is home to quite a few unbelievably good wakeparks. While there is a ton to do there, with an Aqua Park, beach area, and summer camps for the kids, the wake side of things is where they really shine. 2 full size cables and plenty of unique features ensures there is plenty of variety. There is an advanced side and standard side to accommodate every level, and the park itself is pretty large in itself. Located in central Florida, this is an easily accessible park in relation to the city, which makes it a prime pick if you’re in the area.

West Rock Wake Park, Rockford, Illinois

This place is mid-west riding at it’s best. Family owned and built with consideration of the environment and impact when installing features and the cable itself, West Rock beams with that welcoming atmosphere only some parks can achieve. Maybe it’s the green landscape, the family friendliness, or the fact that the city of Rockford is a pretty quintessentially “mid-west’ in its hospitality. Whatever the combination is – it works. This park has a 2.0 system for beginners and UNIT Park tech features for the more advanced. They consider their park to be shaped y the community of riders, so they’ve also brought on a local feature building company – Rockford company (AGI) to construct some addition features and always keep things fresh for visitors.

Elevated Wake Park, Lexington, North Carolina

With a System 2.0 cable setup for beginners, especially helpful for lessons and camps, and a Seistic Full Size Cable system, this park is well equipped for any person, any day. Advanced riders will love the UNIT Park tech rails and a custom pool gap with 5 towers and a clockwise rotating cable. Elevated makes it easy to book sessions or lessons online and hosts a number of camps for all levels. As the only full size cable park in North Carolina, this location is a favorite for the locals as well as the road warriors that travel here just to experience the pro setup on High Rock Lake.

Wake Island Waterpark, Pleasant Grove, California

On the west coast, while there are less wake park options than one might expect – Wake Island is a great place to get on the water and get your wake fix. First time riders will enjoy the 2.0 system, and experienced wakeboarders are interested to find out that this is currently the only full-size cable system in California. Extra amenities such as an Aqua Park (which they claim is the largest floating water park in the USA) and a Zip line are often enjoyed, as well as a swimming beach and a “chill” dock.

Lake Austin

If you fancy meeting up with other water sports enthusiasts, Lake Austin is the place to go. Have fun on the waves and on land as this place is notorious for parties. If you prefer more of the quiet life, Lake Travis is only 20 minutes away. If you’re an experienced wakeboarder and need a boat, head to ATX Wake Adventures for boat rental and equipment – you even get a captain too! Otherwise, Freeride Wakeboard School is your place to learn new skills. There’s classes for all ages and skill levels, with qualified instructors on hand to get you up to speed.

Best Places to Wakeboard in South America

Wake In Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s lush coastlines make sand, sea and wakeboarding a truly magical experience for any level of rider. Explore Barra da Tijuca or Arpoador. While both locations can get crowded during peak times, head during the early hours to catch tumbling waves or curling barrels. If you wish to learn with an instructor, Wake In Rio with Greg Stasson offers fully equipped boats, warm waters during winter months, as well as flat waters which are ideal for learners. Greg also speaks Portuguese, English and French.

Naga Cable Park, São Paulo, Brazil

Tucked away in Jaguariúna, this park is the first of its kind in Latin America. Equipped with 2 tower system and a Full Size 5 tower, everyone that comes is able to get in some great riding, no matter their experience level. It’s worth a trip out just to indulge in the top notch equipment as well as to take advantage of the food, floating waterpark, and friendly people. The location is also popular for events and large groups, just in case you’re bringing a posse.

Best Place to Wakeboard in the Caribbean

Liquid Adrenalin Water Sports, Gulf of Paria

Known for its tranquil waters, the Gulf of Paria is the ideal place to test your waterboarding skills. Located in-between Trinidad and Venezuela, Micheal and Berkeley of Liquid Adrenalin are the perfect people to introduce you to the sport. You can easily book lessons with Destination Trinidad & Tobago.

Best Place to Wakeboard in Australia/Oceania

Perth Wake Park, Australia

As the only cable wakeboard park in the west of Australia, Perth Wake Park offers full-size main cable, beginners cable and a step up pool for advanced wakeboarders. Located just 30 minutes away from the south of Perth City, you can experience 1 and 2 hour sessions, or have an introduction lesson. Bring your own equipment or hire it out, the choice is yours!

Gold Coast Wake Park, Queensland, Australia

Half way up the east coast, it’s nice and easy to get to from Brisbane airport. The park offers a range of Unit Parktech features on its anti-clockwise cable and a perfect learning environment on its clockwise direction cable. The fact that Gold Coast Wakepark offers two five-tower different direction cables is fantastic for riders of all abilities. The coaches and operators are great, as is the whole atmosphere around the park. Gold Coast Cable Park is the home of ‘ProWake’, Australia’s largest Watersport equipment distributor and therefore has a fantastic pro-shop with all the greatest equipment, with knowledgeable staff to help you out with any products, however rental equipment is available.

Cables Wakepark, Penrith, Australia

A stones throw from Sydney, this is a must visit park in Australia. It boasts an epic range of features on both its five tower full cable systems, great staff and an awesome all-round vibe. Cables Wakepark does offer accommodation, from four bed rooms to twenty-four bed dorms. This cablepark is one of the most iconic in Australia, and is home to some of Australia’s best cable wakeboarders. Rental equipment is available. 

BliBli Wakepark, Queensland, Australia

This park is located on the Sunshine Coast, a few hours car drive north of Brisbane. It is Australia’s Mecca of cable wakeboarding, with two different direction five tower cable systems both filled with a range of features for all abilities. BliBli also offer a Bi-Level system 2.0, that can be used for beginners on the lower pool to get the hand of wakeboarding before heading on to the full cable, or advanced riders looking to take their riding to the next level… pun intended.

Best Place to Wakeboard in January

Mayan Water Complex, Mexico

Escape the post-Christmas and New Year blues by visiting Mexico. The Mayan Water Complex is ideal for beginners and advanced riders. The 6 metre deep channel, slalom track and jump ramp means you can practice wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakesurfing. Situated in Playa Del Carmen, discover three lakes for wakeboarders, including a counter-clockwise one for pros and 2 points in a straight line for those new to the sport.

Best Place to Wakeboard in February

Xtreme Wake, Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

There’s not many places in the world where you can wakeboard against a backdrop of some of the tallest buildings on earth. Xtreme Wake UAE have a range of boats and pulls on offer, ideal for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders. The warm water makes it ideal for February, while the wakeboarding camp located in Ghantoot Marina enables you to train with instructors on flat waters – perfect for new riders. Hotel accomodation is five minutes away from camp, making it excellent for a wakeboarding holiday.

Best Place to Wakeboard in March

Miami Watersports Complex, Miami

This waterpark pretty much has it all and is amazing in the month of March, when the northern USA is still on the frigid side. Bring your own gear or rent equipment from the Pro Shop on location. With a standard and advanced cable available, you can ride at your level with features to match. They also offer the ‘get up guarentee’ for beginners, which is a private one on one session, to ensure you get up and gain confidence as quickly and effectively as possible for more fun on the water. They offer daily specials we reccomend checking on for discounted deals and they are also super vigilent about safety. Did we mention this place is huge? Along with a cable park, they have a boat lake and a kids aqua park to ensure everyone can be entertained and happy. We’d say it’s definitely worth devoting a day to.

Best Place to Wakeboard in April

Fox Lake, Scotland

Wakeboarding UK doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to outdoor adventures. Fox Lake, East Lothian is an outdoor centre and Scotland’s very first cable wakeboard park. Featuring the only course in the UK with a ropes course based over water, both beginner’s and advanced wakeboarders can enjoy some quality time here. A single session with an instructor is 15 minutes long, while a double lesson gives you two 15 minute sessions and a dry land lesson. As it’s nestled in woodland, you can also try your hand on the zip trail or take a segway as you explore woodland trails. April is ideal for participating in fresh weather – not too cold but not too hot either.

Best Place to Wakeboard in May

Lunar Cable Park, Spain

The warmer May weather makes it ideal for a trip to Spain. Lunar Cable Park has an average temperature of 21 degrees and a 5 tower cable system to tempt you. There are coaches for both beginners and advanced riders, as well as group sessions and one-on-one activities. The 600m course allows for multiple riders, with 12 shaped obstacles of different sizes and 4 custom lunar obstacles. Lunar Cable Park is situated in Cuevas, Almeria.

Best Place to Wakeboard in June

The Wake Camp, Table Rock Lake, Missouri

While Table Rock Lake is a popular destination, its home to several watersports. Summer is the best time to head here as the warm water means you won’t even need a wetsuit. The Wake Camp offers coaching, overnight camping and excursions for individuals and groups. Whether you want to learn the ropes or practice your seasoned skills, Wake Camp offers a safe and practical way to wakeboard on the lake.

Best Place to Wakeboard in July

Spot on Wake, Warwickshire, UK

Make the most of the British summer by visiting Spot on Wake, Warwickshire. The wake park has two 9m Sesitec System 2.0 cables. There’s also a main pool gap with a 5ft drop off. Both advanced riders and learners can work on their wakeboarding skills here – one-to-one lessons with qualified instructors are available.

Best Place to Wakeboard In August

Zanook Wake Park, Bangkok

Zanook Wake Park in Bangkok has quickly boosted its reputation as one of the best places to wakeboard in the world in a few short years. As the park offers a rare clockwise pull, it’s sure to be an exciting experience for many riders, even those that have been wakeboarding for years. Located just 30 minutes from the centre of Bangkok, there’s 3 varying sizes of kicker, in addition to beginner rails. In other words, there’s something for all riders to enjoy, and the hot weather means its perfect for cooling off!

Best Place to Wakeboard in September

Liquid Leisure, Windsor, UK

As Europe’s largest aqua park, Liquid Leisure is home to the very first official Ninja Warrior aqua park. The UK’s September weather means it’s not too cold to get into the water. The full size cable system gives beginners a taste of wakeboarding with a 2 hour learner session – this provides an induction of how to navigate the cables correctly, as well as a tour of the facility. Experienced riders can enjoy one and two hour sessions!

Best Place to Wakeboard in October

El Rancho Wakepark, Cataluna, Spain

Get away from the cooler October weather with a break to Spain. El Rancho Wakepark has a large 2 tower system and boasts private classes for all levels of rider. Situated just 20 minutes away from Tarragona, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Place to Wakeboard in November

AquaSki Park, Costa Rica

What better way to get away from the bitter chill of November weather in the UK than with a trip to Costa Rica. AquaSki Park is a stunning wakeboard park, set against a backdrop of palm trees, tropical flowers and blue skies. This man-made lake promises warm yet calm waters, ideal for any level of wakeboarder.

Best Place to Wakeboard in December

Orlando Watersports Complex, Florida

Head for some winter sun to Orlando, Florida. Orlando Watersports Complex is one of the biggest wakeboard parks in the USA. Boasting 2 full sized cables and 2.0 cable system, this park is ideal for all. Additionally, you’ll find a pool gap, beginner kickers and rails, transfer rails and unti XL kickers. Private lessons are available, as well as summer camps (if you’d rather attend during the summer months). Either way, this is one comprehensive wakeboard park for all to experience.

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