10 Ethical Gift Ideas for Surfers

There are hundreds of great gifts for surfers out there and the internet is flooded with adverts appealing to your impulsive side and tempting you into ordering something quick and easy for an upcoming birthday, or just to get the Christmas present buying ticked off the list.

But we all know the best gifts are those with some heart. 

Gifts that mean the next time your loved one waxes up their surfboard with new wax, they will think of you. Or, their next duck dive in their toasty new wetsuit will have them thanking their lucky stars for having you in their life. Or, they may even be cursing your name as they nervously prepare for their first-ever surf lesson! 

Whatever realm of their surfing life you contribute to, make it from a good-doing, sustainable and ethical brand that really understands the unique needs of a surfer. Filling our precious oceans with more waste is not a positive gift for someone who adores the sea. We’re going to show you the top 10 gifts for surfers this year. Tried and tested by our surf bums, only the best ended up in this list.

Let’s get them something worthwhile! 


  1. Vivida All Weather Changing Robe
  2. A Surfers Against Sewage Membership
  3. Custom Fairmile Surfboard
  4. Vivida Reversible Plastic Bottle Surf Bikini
  5. Gnarly Tree Flat Spells and Average Swells Hoodie
  6. The Wave Surf Session
  7. Yeti Tundra 45 Cool Box
  8. Revolwe Recycled Surf Leash
  9. Kukena Naturals Double Overhead Coconut Candle
  10. Vivida Ladies Linda Surf Wetsuit

1. Vivida’s All Weather Changing Robe

Vivida Lifestyle Sustainable Surf Changing Dry Robes

We’re starting this off with a bang. The All Weather Changing Robe from Vivida Lifestyle is the crème de la crème of gifts for surfers. It simply does not get better than this.

Enjoy state-of-the-art beachside changing in this fully insulated, honeycomb-lined, quilted, quick-drying, premium changing robe. The entire shell is made from 100% recycled plastic. The changing robe also doubles up as a space-saving eco-friendly travel pillow. 

Shop toasty Waterproof Changing Robes. 

Price £165-£240

2. A Surfers Against Sewage Membership

Surfers Against Sewage Membership Gift

Ideal for the person who loves the ocean and the beach and wants to make a real difference. Sign them up for a Surfers Against Sewage Membership. There’s absolutely no waste when it comes to this gift. 

When they become part of the SAS family, they’ll stay up to date with all the latest beach cleans and campaigns, and they get a Pipeline magazine 3 times annually, plus 10% off in the SAS shops. All you need to do is donate £30 for the year. 

Buy a Surfers Against Sewage membership.

Price £30+

3. Custom Fairmile Surfboard

Custom Fairmile Surfboards

Fairmile Surfboards are creators of bespoke traditional surfboards with a modern twist. These surfboards are hand-crafted from start to finish by UK surfers in the Witterings, using only the finest materials. Think longboard, fishtail boards, mini mal boards. 

Create the most unique gift of all, a custom-made, in line with their wildest dreams, fully personalised surfboard. They can select the colour, the shape, the rocker, the fins, the design, the leash, and the performance of their dream surfboard. 

Get in contact with Fairmile.

Price on evaluation 

4. Vivida Reversible "Plastic Bottle" Surf Bikinis

Vivida Lifestyle Sustainable Surf Bikinis

Vivida's eco-friendly, high-performance water wear moves with a surfer’s body, and leaves no room for error when it comes to bikinis slipping off or coming undone during surf sessions. 

Criss-cross back straps and wide under bands provide stay-put, stunning surf staples, ideal for the women in your life who are heading out somewhere hot to put their surfing skills to the test. 

Vivida's bikinis are made from recycled plastic bottles which are blended with spandex for high-quality durability and comfortable fit. Not to mention all designs are reversible. Another two for one gift!

Shop mix & match surf bikinis.

Price from £35

5. Gnarly Tree 'Flat Spells and Average Swells' Hoodie

Gnarly Tree Clothing

The Gnarly Tree is a beautifully sustainable brand from the south coast of England. Their mission is to create and curate sustainable products made for a life lived by the sea. Spurred by the ethos that good surf can be hard to come by and doesn’t run like clockwork, Gnarly Tree celebrates small-set, soul surf sessions, and flatter days.

This unisex hoodie is super thick, with a drawstring hood and set-in sleeves. The perfect partner for cosy nights by the campfire and post-surf adventure warm-ups. All 100% organic ethically sourced cotton. The Gnarly Tree also stocks beanies, t-shirts and merch for kiddiewinks. 

Get the 'Flat Spells & Average Swells' Hoodie.

Price £75

6. The Wave Surf Session

The Wave Surf Park Bristol

This is the ultimate “doing something” present. Perfect for those who don’t want to buy just another gift that’s going to contribute to the landfill, look no further than the adventure present. 

A session at The Wave in Bristol means you physically give them the gift of surfing, right into their eager salty little palms. The Wave is an inland wave pool designed to find you the perfect wave. People of all backgrounds and ages can book onto a session at the wave. Levels start with gentle Waikiki, and go all the way up to the Expert. You can even request a special surfing lesson for complete newbies. The impressive wave pool also uses 100% sustainable energy to power the waves. 

Purchase a gift voucher for The Wave

Price Sessions and lessons start at £35 and go up to £70

7. Yeti Tundra 45 Cool Box

Yeti surf cooler box

Get off the beaten path with Yeti’s four-person road trip cool box. 

The cool box will keep food and beverages at safe temperatures for the entirety of your surfari. The durable box will hold camp provisions overnight or chill all your bevvies for a day on the water. Virtually indestructible (even from bears!), dance on it, chuck sand over it and make it your non-negotiable road trip sidekick.

Price £300, other products from Yeti are available too at lower price points

8. Revolwe Recycled Surf Leash

Revolwe Recycled Surf Leash

Reshaping coexistence is Revolwe's motto. The brand makes fully recycled surf leashes, trackpads and board luggage bags. They are pioneers in their mission to redefine the rules of what a responsible brand is. 

While literally any of their products is a perfect gift for your surfing loved one, this leash has been developed and researched ruthlessly to create the most eco-friendly leash on the market. Made from plant-based materials this leash is as durable as any regular leash and has an internal slip grip system to secure their surf safely.

Explore a new world of Revolwe's sustainable surf stuff

Price from £45 for surf leashes. Board bags go up to £350

9. Kukena Naturals - Double Overhead Coconut Bowl CandleKukena Naturals - Double Overhead Coconut Bowl Candle

A lower budget item for you now, that would be an ideal stocking filler or travel gift. Based in Cornwall, Kukena Naturals makes vegan, sustainable, soy candles that radiate with surfer style and chill vibes. 

The coconut candles are made with waste coconut shells that would normally be disposed of to create luxury seaside scents to give your home a taste of the summer swell. Light up and zen out.

Surf the Kukena Naturals site.

Price £14.99

10. Vivida Linda Wetsuit 

Vivida Lifestyle Linda Surf Wetsuit

Made from scrap rubber tyres and pioneering Carbon Black neoprene, the reversible Linda wetsuit from Vivida is as dynamic as it is sustainable because it gives you two wetsuits in one whilst not costing the earth. Even the glue is solvent-free and won’t be emitting harmful chemicals into the ocean. The only wetsuit on the market to do so. 

2mm thickness and durable flatlock seams keep you toasty in the summer months whilst enabling free movement, so you can surf, cartwheel and dance to your heart’s content. The reversible Map of Dreams / charcoal print design gives you the choice of changing your wetsuit design to suit your mood. Want to keep a low profile? Choose the cool, minimal charcoal side of the shorty ladies’ Linda wetsuit. Grey skies over your surf? Stand out and switch to the inspiring Map of Dreams print.

Order the Linda Wetsuit now as stock is limited.

Price £185 

So there you have it, the ultimate ethical guide to gifts for surfers.

Remember happiness comes in waves.

Happy shopping!

Indie Bornhoft is a personal trainer and watersports coach, who encourages her clients to make movement their mantra. She has coached every ability in wakeboarding, paddleboarding, SUP fitness, and windsurfing for over ten years, and is highly qualified in all disciplines. Discover more about her drive to just keep moving and be inspired to connect to the raw power of body & spirit through fitness.