Inga Arlauskaite Introduces the Lunáticas – Empowering Women in Boardsports

When we spoke to Inga about her organisation, the Lunáticas, we instantly wanted to learn more. Her drive to empower women and help them push their own limits was exactly the kind of community we love to support. The always enthusiastic Inga replied with passion, and revealed just how well her vision has been growing and evolving.

The following words are written by Inga ✨

An Introduction & Wakeboarding

My name is Inga Arlauskaite and I was just like any other girl, thinking how cool is wake-boarding and how much I would like to try and how intimidating is to make the first steps in this sport. I was living in London for 7 years, where for a long time I was only observing wake-boarding and kite-surfing sports. My first steps were made in London, but I must admit that my journey started when I moved to Spain and came to Lunar Cable Park. After the miserable year, when everything was closed I was watching tons of videos of wakeboarding to inspire myself and finally when the dock re-opened in May 2020, I was one of the first people to stand on it and I became a regular passenger to the moon. I decided to start the Lunáticas.

The Journey

First of all, I would like to say a huge thanks to John and Wiktor Pauls from Lunar Cable Park, who supported the project of Lunáticas Camp from the beginning to make its first steps into becoming a community for women in wake-boarding. This was already in July 2020. The very first camp was led by Julia Castro-Vice Kite-surfing champion 2018 and 4 times Spanish wake-boarding champion. She is an inspiration to us all. On our team also jumped Valentina Gwynn (also known as Nina) as a Yoga teacher and awesome local rider. We have done 3 days, weekend wakeboarding camp tailor-made for girls. The second camp in September was accompanied by 2 wake coaches from Barcelona, Carlota Lopez and Carmen Gonzales. The third one was in November with the french coach Mélanie Besnard.

We put odds on the girls’ side by organizing 2.0 lessons, privatizing the cable 2 hours in the morning, objectives, briefings afterwards of the filmed sessions, doubles with coaches. Giving them support, criticisms, tips and keys to unlock fears, and whatever could help and hype the girls to improve. That’s also why we throw in an extra activity – a skateboarding master class. For this we have partnered up with: Diversur – a board shop based in Almería. Also we have established partnership with Vivida Lifestyle and thanks to Jackie we received gear to make the little competition of the last 2021 camp more interesting and girls more motivated to send it. Progress wake and X-wakeboards offered us the possibility of testing their boards during the camp. We organized also a Yoga retreat with Valentina, and lots of chilling moments doing activities or games together to get to know each other better, have fun and get good cohesion and communication inside the group, to get moments and memories even more real.

Lunáticas made it happen. Get the girls hyped, fight their fears, try new things, push themselves out of their comfort zone, with confidence, safety and support. Achieve new steps and be proud of themselves. Letting the fear go, have fun and start feeling it for real. Some of them started from zero. Others already knew a bit about it. Some came from other countries especially for it. Others are homies. There are so many girls out there who just need an opportunity to start. Maybe it’s yours.

Lunáticas are growing little by little – GIRLS loving wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding

What is to Come

Together at Lunar, we are super hyped to already see the impacts and influences of the growing community for such a short period. This journey would not be possible without the support of the Lunar Team. Next year we come back with even more motivation, ideas and experience. The next camp dates are coming soon. We have plans for skating, wakeboarding, snowboarding and kitesurfing.

We have established a fruitful relationship with Melanie and teamed up for a next year to hit the girls camps together! So Mellow is from France. She discovered wakeboarding in 2017 in Barcares. She has worked in France as an operator in TNV for 3 seasons and spent some time during winter seasons in Thailand, Philippines and is now ripping at Lunar Cable Park.

Come and visit us in Lunar Cable park and be a part of Lunáticas. Today is the day to start your journey, or to add a new step to it! All the info is in our Instagram profile @LUNATICASESP (also you can slide to our DM any ask any questions you may have! 😉 Sharing is caring.