A Very Vivida Wrap-Up: 2020 & Looking Ahead

Oh, was it ever a year…

As 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to reach out and extend our gratitude for your part in the Vivida movement and for weathering the challenges of this year alongside us – an interesting road that has culminated in much preparation for what lies ahead. In many ways, the seeds we’ve planted and roots that have taken hold only grew stronger in this time of careful tending and patient preparation. Welcome to Vivida 2021 & beyond and thank you for joining us in the ride.


First things first. You may have noticed that….ta da(!), we have a brand new, shiny and much more user-friendly website! While we have a few pages still left to complete (the CustomWear & TeamVivida pages), we feel this new and improved site is a much better representation of the brand and also allows for a more enjoyable Vivida web experience. 

We hope you love it. Let us know what feedback you have at any time, as we are always improving with your help and involvement.


As you may know, the Helmet is our most recently released new product and it’s been accruing rave reviews. Customers report that they love the comfort level and the fact that it is lightweight while also feeling highly protective and sturdy. Others are loving that the artwork design featured on the helmet is low-profile and muted from afar, yet more intricate and interesting up close. A great conversation and high-performance piece!

Our next new product set for release is the Neptune Neo Hoodie! We have seen immense interest in this hoodie, especially due to the uptick in sales globally for watersports accessories & gear – people are investing in items that get them out of the house where they can enjoy the outdoors while socially distanced. This piece will truly be one of a kind – we can’t wait for you to try it.


While nearly every business in 2020 struggled, we made it through stronger and more prepared than ever. Rather than waiting for it all to pass, we used 2020 as an opportunity to get our site up and running, make headway on new poncho innovations and designs, and we brought on experts in the areas of SEO, e-commerce, and accounting to ensure all our efforts would be delivered at the highest levels.

While we experienced shipment delays, logistical challenges, a warehouse move, and of course the stress of the unknown like so many experienced due to COVID, we are grateful for the community and team that continues to support and stand beside us as we head into 2021 stronger than ever.

Upon launching the site in late November, we have had numerous ‘best ever’ sales days – breaking records on many fronts. In short, all our preparation and strategizing during these strange times have made a real difference and we’re excited that you’re here with us to take 2021 by storm!

It is also worth noting that one of our biggest achievements of the year was bringing on a new accounting firm. This may sound dull, however, the insights, management, and data we will benefit from in forging this relationship cannot be understated. It will serve as a key foundation propelling us forward to major things in 2021 and beyond!

Lastly, in business-related news; the old investment round successfully closed and we will be launching the next round in the first half of 2021 (a significantly shorter round than the last at 6 months). This will be an important cash injection to achieve our goals and an excellent opportunity for those looking to get involved or involve themselves more deeply in Vivida. We are so very close! Everything is on schedule to achieve this major turning point in Vivida’s journey.


For 2021 we see several trends already emerging. People are ready to travel and make up for lost time when the moment is right – and Vivida hopes to accompany the adventurers, dreamers, thinkers and doers on their journeys in this next year.

While many shops experienced difficult times these past months, we truly believe there will be much more awareness in supporting “small” and not taking for granted experiences and adventures both big and small. We also trust that businesses will now place more focus on brands that align with their values and longevity – supporting positive and supportive collaborations as well as practices and partnerships that promise not just profit, but a shared vision for the future.

Lastly, we hope you can enter into 2021 with a renewed purpose in spreading the core values of inspiration and empowerment in forging a life well-lived. We think this message resonates now more than ever before.


As the item that spans nearly every age, size, and waterside activity – ponchos deserve a special mention, as they are consistently our best-selling item and are much-loved by a diverse global customer base. We are continually innovating on ponchos and will divulge details of new iterations soon. In short, there are major color palette & design updates coming very soon. If you’d like a sneak peak of these new additions, just let us know.  And don’t forget – custom ponchos as an extremely unique and interesting offering for those looking for personalization and custom appeal.


In closing, we’d like to send out a big THANK YOU, to you, our loyal community. Vivida would not be where it is today without you – the individuals that uphold, foster & strengthen the community.

We wish you a very Happy New Year, filled with all the adventure, passion, wonderment, and peace 2021 has to offer. 

Jackie Tyburski dives deep into the stories and true essence of the Vivida Lifestyle brand, ethos, and mission. She believes the right words illuminate our purpose and capture life's moments in pure, imperfect, and poetic form. Travelling, cooking, yoga, and paddle-boarding are a few of Jackie's other favourite things, alongside being a mom and wife to a few awesome humans.