10 Thoughtful Wild Swimming Gifts

Do you know someone who loves to swim in the great outdoors? Wild swimming has been on the rise over the past two years and shows no sign of stopping. Chances are, someone you know has fallen in love with wild swimming.

Sea swimming, gliding through lakes and lochs or splashing through refreshing rivers and waterfalls — here at Vivida, we absolutely see the appeal of cold water swimming. That's why we've compiled a list of our favourite products we're confident wild swimmers will love.

Whether your loved one is a beginner to wild swimming or already has some outdoor swimming equipment, our list of wild swimming gifts has something for everyone.

Treat the outdoor swimmers in your life with a combination of swim kit essentials and higher-end finds. These great wild swimming gift ideas for open water swimmers will ensure that your present is well-used and appreciated for many swim sessions to come.

1. SurfEars Earplugs

SurfEar Earplugs are hands down the best earplugs for active watersports, including open water swimming.

These earplugs protect ears from water and bacteria without affecting hearing or water balance. Made with high-quality materials for ultimate comfort, these earplugs come with different wing sizes and caps to ensure a snug and custom fit while keeping the water out.

They also come attached to a chord, so they are easy to keep track of and won't get lost in your dry bag or car trunk. Here's to water-free ears for more enjoyable swimming.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They're a wild swimmer who is there for the sport. Head down, focused; they find joy in exercising with their head in the water. They're as at home in a pool as they are on the coast of Cornwall or diving into unspoiled waters at the Lake District. They're a serious swimmer looking for a gift they can re-use again and again.

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2. Vivida Lifestyle Dry Changing Robe or Changing Poncho

Designed to get you changed, dry and keep you warm, Vivida Lifestyle's collection of all-weather dry changing robes and poncho changing towels are the essential must-have for life near the water.

Allowing you to change in and out of wetsuits or swimwear without dropping a towel or hiding awkwardly behind a tree, the changing robes are a standard kit necessity for swimmers of any kind.

The all-weather dry changing robe is made with eco-friendly fibres, highly insulating and incredibly cosy. The changing ponchos are also well-known for their quick-drying and ultra-absorbent properties and are more suited to warmer weather or water conditions.

Your swimmer will love them if...

Keeping warm is important to them. And just as important is that they keep swimming in summer or winter. These wild swimmers are at home in cold water, and their perfect gift ensures they feel just as comfortable once they're back on shore. Sea swimmers will love that it folds into a convenient bag that's easy to carry to the beach when the car park seems oh-so-far away.

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3. Hydroflask Oasis 128 oz. Insulated Water Bottle

This quite massive insulated water bottle is one of the most useful items on any adventurous swim or journey.

The size ensures you'll have enough water to drink on your trip, while the insulating properties allow you to keep your beverage cold or hot, depending upon your preference.

Some swimmers even have the forethought to place a warm bottle inside their poncho towel or wrap their clothes around it so they can return, post-swim, to warm items, ready to wear.

This water bottle, in particular, boasts two integrated lids, an easy-grip base, a narrow design for easy transport and is BPA and Phthalate-free.

Additionally, the Hydroflask Oasis utilises TempShield insulation and is made of durable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, which won't retain or transfer flavours. If you're looking for a smaller size to gift, Hydroflask also offers many other size options to choose from.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They're an open-water swimmer who values the friendly community spirit of outdoor swimmers. They look forward to a hot drink and a chat as much as they do the swim itself, and always bring enough to share. Cold water doesn't bother them; they know they can warm their cockles with a hot brew and a natter once they're back on dry land.

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4. Taking The Plunge Book

This book is a feel-good read and a celebration of the wild swimming community. Through personal stories and uplifting experiences, the authors provide life-affirming tales of triumph and bravery through swimming. Telling tales of connection, friendship, community and hardship, these stories will inspire and uplift any swimmer, whether beginner or advanced.

The book is also helpful in providing instruction on how to get started with wild swimming, what you'll need and some great locations to visit. As water is the ultimate healer, this book illustrates well how nature can be the ultimate medicine.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They've dipped a tentative toe in the water and are considering joining the community of outdoor swimmers. They love the sense of belonging the activity can bring and are looking for tips and tales to help them take the plunge into unleashing their inner wild swimmer.

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5. FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

If you'd like to skip the ear plugs and listen to music instead, we recommend opting for this high-performance and dependable FINIS Underwater MP3 player.

They provide quality sound without the use of ear plugs and feature a handy clip to ensure they're easy to wear and the player won't fall off or get lost while swimming. Enjoy your swim with some calming music, meditative sounds or even an audiobook with this player — opening up the possibilities of swim enjoyment.

Your swimmer will love them if...

As an open water swimmer, they're a lone wolf. They swim in populated areas (for safety), but once they're in the water, they're ready to block out the world and reach a truly meditative state in the water. They're seasoned swimmers and will love a thoughtful gift they can carry with them wherever they go: just them, the water and their favourite sounds.

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6. Garmin Forerunner 945 Watch

While there are many watches on the market today that possess a multitude of features, the Garmin Forerunner is especially suited to the high-performance swimmer.

With key features, such as GPS, performance monitoring, maps, safety and tracking features, as well as extra-long battery life, this watch is at the top of the pack.

Garmin is well-known in the industry for producing high-quality watches for an active lifestyle in the digital age. Many open water swimmers will appreciate the ability to customise settings, switch to training mode and track body acclimation status.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They're serious about open water swimming, and their aim is to improve their stroke rate while enjoying the open water. Swimming has become second nature to them, and they have all the gear. You want to get a special gift that will continue to bring them joy, whether they're in the sea or a lake.

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7. Speedo Recycled Cap

A simple yet useful gift, this swim cap is perfectly functional with an eco twist.

Made from recycled materials and featuring a semi-transparent style, this cap will protect hair and keep it dry when submerged in water.

Made from the leader in swim accessories, Speedo can be counted on to provide a perfectly fitting, well-designed cap for any swimming scenario.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They care deeply for the environment, but want to look like a serious swimmer. Woolly hats just won't do for them. They're comfortable getting their head in the water, but care about staying protected from the elements. Pair with goggles for an upgrade that lake, river and sea swimmers will thank you for.

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8. Swim Secure Donut Bag

The Swim Secure Tow Donut is a high-visibility tow float swim buoy with an attached waist strap. Unlike some tow floats, it includes an integrated waterproof bag. The small dry bag sits in the centre of the donut, out of the water, and is ideal for small items such as a phone, car keys or other items.

The pouch's design is perfectly placed to allow you to access your drink, phone or other items when needed. It is recommended for all open water swimmers who want high visibility and added reassurance that their items are safe.

Your swimmer will love them if...

Regular tow floats just don't cut the mustard. They might have been swimming with a regular tow float for some time now, but they're ready for an upgrade to the creme-de-la-creme of tow floats. Staying safe in the water is important to them, and they like to stay seen by surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers and others out in the sea or lake.

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9. Saguaro Unisex Water Shoes

Open water and wild swimming often involve navigating rugged locations with rocky, muddy and slippery surfaces.

Shoes like these Saguaro's are the ultimate in wet gear and allow you to enter and exit the water with more agility and safety. Additionally, they are handy for walking around before and after swimming in locations where you may not want to muck up your normal shoes.

Most models have rubber soles and a pulley closing adjuster, so you can customise the fit and ensure they don't come off in the water.

We also appreciate the breathability and flexibility of these water shoes, which is attained with a polyester and spandex blend. With lots of colours and designs to choose from, it would be hard to miss the mark with these all-round useful shoes made for watery adventures.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They have a true adventuring spirit that takes them clambering over rocks and down slippery slopes to find that perfect swimming space. They're not interested in swimming in well-trodden spots, they are happiest when splashing around off the beaten track, and they're not afraid to search for it.


10. The Turtleback Bag

What started as a Kickstarter campaign by an avid swimmer has developed into a much-loved, useful product for other swimmers to enjoy.

For those who want a bag as well as a dry, warm place to stand while changing (ideally in a poncho towel or changing robe), this bag beats other dry bags for its functionality and innovative design.

The Turtleback Bag contains a plethora of various-sized pockets inside and is made of redundant lorry tarpaulin; it keeps your gear dry and feet warm and clean. If your gift recipient is a year-round swimmer, this is an especially good choice.

Your swimmer will love them if...

They're happy in lochs or sea in rain or shine, but when they get back to the shore, they're keen to keep their feet dry and free of sand whilst they wiggle out of their wetsuit. They might have a little way to travel on foot to the water, so a bag that doubles to carry their phone and keys will make a lovely gift.

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If you loved our gift list and are looking for more high-quality gifting for surfing, swimming and adventuring, shop our eco-friendly range of lifestyle gear.

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