The Very Best Activewear Trends for 2021

Let’s face it, activewear isn’t just about “being active” anymore. It’s our loungewear, streetwear, daywear, and exercise wear as well. Unsurprisingly, this means that activewear takes on new demands and a different appeal all-together. If you’re looking to take your fitness apparel game to the next level, or maybe you just want something versatile to sport while working from home or on the trail, these latest activewear trends me spark some serious shopping inspiration – or even perhaps bring out some old items that have been hidden away in the closet for too long. Better yet, mix and match what you have with some new on-trend pieces to start the new year feeling fresh and ready for anything.

Activewear trends for 2020 showcased an eclectic range of colours, prints and styles. The good news is that the coming months promise to be just as versatile, proving that athletic-meets-fashion is only just beginning. 

Whether you’re searching for new women’s activewear trends or men’s activewear trends for the months ahead, here are the very best activewear trends for 2021 to start investing in. 

Trend 1: Pastel pieces

If you’re looking to implement some colour into your wardrobe, then adding some pastel hues is bang on-trend. Opt for lilac, peach, pale mint green and aqua to refresh your look. In 2021, you can expect activewear color trends to include similar shades, especially in spring. These pair well with natural tones that have been so popular as of late, as well as items you likely already have such as black leggings or grey running shorts. 

Where to buy: Gymshark, ASOS

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Pastel pieces trend

Trend 2: Go seamless

One of the biggest women’s activewear trends of the moment is seamless pieces. Seamless activewear is extremely comfortable and breathable, fusing style with functionality. Activewear trend forecasting suggests seamless pieces are going to be big for the next year so you can be confident that adding these pieces to your collection will keep you oh so chic! Additionally, seamless tends to fit extremely well without any pinching, fussy lining, or annoying seams to scratch or bother during activity. 

Where to buy: Adidas, Puma

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Go seamless trend

Trend 3: Flares

Say hello to one of the biggest fall activewear trends – flares. Flared leggings are not just for yoga. They’re great for several kinds of active pursuits, including hiking and pilates. If you’re looking to upgrade a simple pair of black leggings, opt for flares. Flared leggings are also a flattering silhouette for more body shapes and tend to feel more breathable without the tightness of a standard legging. Pair with an on-trend white sneaker or wear barefoot at the beach. 

Where to buy: Nike, Fabletics

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Flares trend

Trend 4: Long sleeves

Put away the vest top and tees, long sleeved tops are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for a stylish women’s cropped long sleeve top or one of the best men’s activewear trends, this piece makes a wardrobe staple. Many of the newest long-sleeve top offer interesting and breathable fabrics that keep you cool, even with the fuller coverage they provide. Another upside is the UPF protection offered by extra fabric over the arms.

Where to buy: Lululemon, Sweaty Betty

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Long sleeves trend

Trend 5: Sustainable 

Activewear trends got eco-friendly in 2020 with the rise of sustainable pieces. Sustainable activewear promises to be at the forefront of style for years to come so it’s never too early to start investing in environmentally conscious apparel. With thread made of recycled plastic bottles or deadstock fabric and more, sustainable activewear is changing the way we think about design and functionality. Especially relevant for those who enjoy nature while being active, it may be time to think about the planet when investing in your next wardrobe must-have – as now it’s easier than ever to buy eco friendly activewear that performs beautifully. 

Where to buy: Vivida Lifestyle

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Sustainable trend

Trend 6: An ode to the 90’s

Think neon prints, oversized logos and cropped tops. The 90’s is back and it’s bright, fun and feisty. Both men and women can easily sport this trend – try adding an oversized sweater or classic trainers to give your look a 90’s edge. Mix and match with more muted pieces or go full-on with sets that take you to a place of colorful, artistic style.

Where to buy: Puma, Nike, DKNY

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An ode to the 90ƒ??s trend

Trend 7: Inclusive

More and more activewear brands are opting for a multitude of cuts and styles to suit every body shape. Expect comfortable fabrics and a variety of size ranges to provide fashionable activewear for those who want to work out and be stylish. The best brands today take care in how they size up and don’t simply keep proportions the exact same for every size. Look for careful consideration in fit, design, and performance. 

Where to buy: Nike, Good American

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Trend 8: Animal 

Animal print isn’t just for the runway. Activewear goes exotic with animal prints to shake up your casualwear wardrobe. Whether you want to go bold in a statement jacket or add a little subtlety, there’s something for everyone!

Where to buy: The Upside, Nike

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Animal trend

Trend 9: Mesh

Lightweight and breathable, mesh pieces have certainly seen their fashion status rising throughout the year. If you’re considering sporting this trend, try a sheer mesh sweater or jacket. Alternatively, mesh detailing on leggings or shorts which will keep you cooler during tough workouts, yet add a hint of on-trend fashion. 

Where to buy: Reebok, Under Armour

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Mesh Trend

Trend 10: Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been everywhere this past few months, and you can expect it to be an activewear trend that will continue through to 2021. Invest in tank tops, tees and hoodies for a fashion-forward yet laid-back look. Better yet, try out a DIY tie-dye kit at home on some old shirts, hoodies, or shorts – it will be uniquely you and fun as well. 

Where to buy: Free People, Adidas

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Tie-Dye trend

Trend 11: Shades of blue

Blue is a fantastic alternative to black. There are hues to flatter all skin tones and it’s an easy colour to wear. Play around with wearing different blue shades together, or try mixing an aforementioned style with a bold blue piece. 

Where to buy: Amazon, Next

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Trend 12: Earth tones

Want to wear more muted shades? 2021 activewear trends include demure olive tones, sandy shades and slate grey. With a range of colour options for every unique taste, this trend really has something for everyone. These tones tend to be flattering for many skin tones and easy to mix and match. 

Where to buy: Nike, AYBL

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Earth tones trend


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