The Ultimate List Of Sustainable Travel Essentials Brands

Travelling sustainably is a principle many of us want to live by in order to explore the world in a planet-friendly way. But how can we ensure the items we buy for travels are produced in a sustainable way? Luckily, many brands over the last decade have tried to tackle just this. Theyƒ??ve made it their mission to produce sustainable travel essentials that give us everything we need to go to far-flung places, with minimal impact on the environment. Read on for our list of the best brands around for sustainable travel accessories.


TUMI is an innovative luggage and travel accessory brand with an ongoing effort to reduce their environmental impact. They use recycled fabrics that are both high-quality and durable to offer their customers a quality yet environmentally-friendly luggage option. When you buy from their eco-friendly range, TUMI donate 1% of the sale to 1% for the Planet.

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Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse is a sustainable luxury lifestyle brand that crafts ethical bags and accessories from waste raw materials. Their highly-skilled craftsmanship transforms reclaimed materials into luxury products. They donate an impressive 50% of their profits back to charities.

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Friendly Turtle

Friendly Turtle sells everyday essentials for sustainable living in the UK. Theyƒ??re a zero waste shop that provides a simple way to be more eco-friendly, offering affordable, sustainable, plastic free products. Theyƒ??re a great shop to buy from if youƒ??re looking to reduce your environmental impact - and their advice is to start small and simple with what you can afford.

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Partnering with ethical factories across the globe, Everlane wants it to be simple for consumers to make the right choices. They sell clothing essentials made from only the finest materials. Their philosophy is ƒ??Radical Transparencyƒ?? which means they share everything with their customers, including stories behind the products they make.

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Sustainable travel backpack and smart suitcase brand, Solgaard, creates premium products that can join you on each and every journey you make.

Their items include the Lifepack??, The Carry-on Closet??, Solarbank??, and much more.

Their Lifepack is unique in that itƒ??s solar powered and anti-theft. It includes bluetooth speakers, drop-proof laptop storage and retractable cable lock - it really does contain everything you might need.

Solgaard logo


Sea2see was created in 2015 by Fran??ois van den Abeele. Since then, the objective has been to create a global consciousness in regard to the issues of ocean plastic contamination and the unsustainable optical and fashion industry. Sea2see designs and produces optical frames and sunglasses in Italy, entirely made with recycled marine plastic collected by fishermen in Spain, France and West Africa.

With its eyewear collections, Sea2see has pioneered a seastainable change in the eyewear industry proving that marine plastic waste is a great source of raw material. ƒ??We donƒ??t produce glasses but a statement of change, which can be worn by anybody willing to stand for our Oceansƒ?.

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Swiss brand QWSTION is known for their versatile bags made from plants. Since 2008, the design studio has been questioning norms to create timeless carry solutions for everyday use ƒ?? with the greatest sense of responsibility towards nature and all beings.



Suntribe?ÿis an independent company from Sweden with a vision to change the sunscreen industry. Suntribe exists because research has shown that ingredients used in conventional sunscreen are harmful both for us humans and nature. As ocean lovers and nature addicts we decided to change that and start offering completely safe sunscreens and clean skincare products for both sports and everyday use. We always use safe and natural ingredients and base all our choices on research and science. All our clean sunscreens are tested in independent labs and verified safe for you and nature - thatƒ??s what we call worry-free.

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SurfDurt is a mineral sunscreen, made with only non-nano zinc oxide and food-grade organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. It is the lowest possible toxicity of any formula for a safer sunscreen for you, your skin, and our oceans. Formulated by a PhD chemist from Hawaii and two California surfer girls to be a reef-safe suncare solution you can take on all adventures.

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