Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

Words by Shealan Faere Butler

To train to be a marine is hardcore. Men are put through the toughest physical and mental challenges to prepare them for war situations that civilians like you and I can't even imagine being in.

These men are disciplined from, how to wash their penis correctly, (I kid you not) to how to iron sheets, to how to disguise themselves in different surroundings and kill the enemy.

For those who make it after the 32 weeks of training, commando training begins.

One of the simulations the men are put through is being strapped into a chair, dunked in a room full of water, which is flipped upside down, and then the lights are switched off, with strobe lights confusing them the men are expected to find his way out.

This is to simulate a helicopter that has crashed into the ocean and the Marine is expected to be able to escape from the helicopter and continue on his mission.

Ok, hold up.

So your helicopter crashed into the ocean or some massive body of water, and then you are expected to escape and continue on your mission.

That is some mind ninja stuff. What about getting to a hospital for treatment, then a nice break to recover emotionally? A little R & R in Spain to collect yourself perhaps? No damn chance, this is war, and there is a mission that needs to be completed.

Learning about the Marines and their ethos has been inspiring.

It is their ethos that I think we can all take something from to better our own choices on how we live out our time here on earth. Sometimes life can feel like a war zone even though we are not on a battlefield. You and I have got to develop and have the right attitudes to accomplish our personal missions.

Being a marine is not for the faint of heart, and to live a full and successful life as a hard-core civilian is not for the fainthearted either.

Let's take a quick look at the marine ethos of the Commando spirit

The Commando Spirit

  • Courage. Get out front and do what is right.
  • Determination. Never give up.
  • Unselfishness. Oppo first; Team second; Self last.
  • Cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Make humor the heart of morale.

These four attitudes of the spirit, if taken and applied over time can lead to good things happening. The one that struck a chord with me the most is CHEERFULNESS IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.

I don't think it is about running around laughing all day, that person would annoy the crap out of me.

It is about applying yourself in tough situations to being someone who can see the best in things and to being optimistic, positive, hopeful and bringing some brightness.

This takes practice, and the awesome thing is you and I don't need to go join the marines to have this attitude. We can start right now.

"Joy is strength" - Mother Teresa

Much love,

your friend Shealan

Shealan Faere Butler is a photographer, videographer and scriptwriter. She seeks to create beauty, re-enchant the heart and tell stories that connect us to deep emotion and truth through her work. Her Grow Your Dreams podcast provides encouragement, insights, and practical tips on how to grow the dream in your heart.

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