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Vivida is a lifestyle. A culture. An identity. A clothing brand committed to encouraging you to do more to be more. 

FruityMontis Watershorts (Quickdry)

Womens Waterwear

Vivida bikinis are practical and sporty to give all the support that Vivida adventurettes hitting the worlds' elements need, while staying just as beautifully dreamy as traditional swimwear

FruityMontis Watershorts (Quickdry)

Watershorts_FRUITYMONTIS_Eva_LQ (5 of 5).jpg
Watershorts_FRUITYMONTIS_Eva_LQ (5 of 5).jpg

FruityMontis Watershorts (Quickdry)


Feeling fruity? These FruityMontis are made for adventurers in and out of the water. Inspired by TeamVivida mermaid Georgina Monti, these shorts are cheeky, fun and perfect for the active lifestyle. Whether you're working out, chasing wind and waves, or diving to new depths, the Vivida FruityMontis promise to be your fresh and cheeky side kick! 


  • Premium Quality QuickDry Material
  • Elastic waistband with wide range of flex
  • Fruity Fresh Lemon artwork
  • Cute short-pants fit. 
  • Quality card swing-tag rustic style
  • 92% Polyester with diamond, 8% spandex


Take your new Vivida Fruity Montis from out of your drawer and out with you into the beautiful big blue sea. 


We know you will LOVE each and every Vivida product. But just in case you are not 100% satisfied? Send it back within 21 days and you'll be 100% refunded.  

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TeamVivida Georgina Monti wins the 2017 Susi Mai Kiteboarding Invitational.