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Vivida is a lifestyle. A culture. An identity. A clothing brand committed to encouraging you to do more to be more. 


TeamVivida Videos:

Vivida videos via DHB Productions (founder David HB):

'Together' Movie Trailer

Linda Surf Range Launch

Kiteboarding | Adeuri Corniel

Sunrise Surf, Dominican Republic. 

Karin An | Cabarete DR Lifestyle | Surf Kitesurf

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding | Greidy Diaz, Adeuri Corniel

Kiteboarding with Adeuri Corniel | Dominican Republic

Daytime wakeboard, nighttime kiteboard. 

Vivida Launch Video 2015. Creation. Tarifa. 

Founder @dhbthatsme at Liquid Leisure pre Vivida clothing days. 

Other Videos: 

TeamVivida Nina Font | Brazil Kiteboarding

TeamVivida Armando Puerta in Brazil 

Team Vivida 13 Yr Old Tom Seager 

Team Vivida 13yr Old Tom Seager | Kiteboarding

Brazil with TeamVivida Linda Olofsson

TeamVivida Antoine Verville in Squamish, British Colombia. 

TeamVivida Joe Fulton in DR/Greece/Tarifa

TeamVivida Ollie Zabell | Infuse Tarifa

Plastic Playground 2017 once again hosted an international lineup of wakeboarders on a unique Unit Parktech setup of customer wakepark features. TeamVivida Julia Castro, Lior Sofer and Maximilien Daelmens competed. Liquid Leisure Wakeboard Park is a Vivida home spot.