Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Surfers

Vivida's range of gifts for surfers and water enthusiasts offers practical, eco-friendly options this festive season. Each item, from resilient poncho towels to soothing mulberry silk sleep eye masks, is crafted with the ocean's rhythm in mind. These gifts reflect a deep understanding of the surfer's world, where the sea meets sustainability. Ideal for those who cherish the waves, they blend utility with a respect for nature. These are gifts that speak not just to the heart but also to the environmental conscience of the recipient.

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Gifting a Poncho Towel

The great thing about towel ponchos is that they're loved by people of all ages and have more uses than you could possibly imagine. While they are most popular waterside, we know many use their ponchos towels in other scenarios such as triathlons, cosy couch lounging, and even as a post bath robe hoodie. The versatility of this item alone makes it a fantastic gift choice for pretty much everyone on your gift list. But how do you choose the right size poncho towel? And how do you know which features a swimmer or a surfer needs from their poncho towel? Never fear, our guide covers it all...

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Give the gift of a great night's sleep

Sleep is a place dreamers dream. Sleep is a dance. Sleep is a playground. Sleep is an art. Sleep is an adventure.

“Sleep is nature’s panacea, more powerful than any drug in its ability to restore and rejuvenate the human brain and body. Sleep is your superpower. It is the elixir of life, the most powerful and widely available healthcare system I could ever imagine.” — Dr. Matthew Walker

So slip on Vivida’s luxurious Sleep Mask, breathe deeply, and transcend effortlessly into the arms of restful sleep and the depths of the adventure of dreams. Encourage your loved ones to connect with their inner selves, and emerge reborn and revitalised, ready to take on the day - ready to connect with others and enjoy a life well-lived.

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A tee for every adventure

Sustainable & Organic Unisex T-shirts

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9 Creative & Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

As you prepare your gifts this festive season, it's worth considering more creative and sustainable ways to wrap presents you've lovingly chosen for friends and family. While buying a roll of wrapping paper and a handful of ribbon can be second nature for most, this is one easy way we can reduce waste and put even more thought into gifting. Instead of excessive waste at the end of Christmas day, discover reusable and sustainable gift wrap and packaging ideas to repurpose year on year. Read our guide to find 9 unique and more sustainable ways to wrap your Christmas gifts.

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The gift that's always well received

Vivida Lifestyle Gift Card

Vivida Lifestyle Gift Card

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Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Surfers & Swimmers

The best gifts are those that fuel our passions for years to come. For us, these are the gifts that encourage a life well lived: whether it's that extra nudge out of a comfort zone, or the inspiration to form a deeper connection to the natural world, to each other or to oneself.

At Vivida, you'll discover sustainable Christmas gifts to get them outdoors. Whether it's embracing cold water dips in sustainable swimwear or wrapping up afterwards in a cosy changing robe.

You'll also find gifts to embrace the comfort of indoors and moments of quiet. From the nighttime ritual of a silk sleep mask to the comfort of a relaxed organic cotton tee.

So whether you're on the hunt for gifts for surfers, gifts for swimmers, gifts for her or gifts for him - you'll always find gifts for the dreamers, the adventurers, the thinkers and the doers at Vivida.