The Poncho Towel Changing Robe - changing the face of the towel

Change anywhere in public!

Picture this. It’s an October weekend with a bit of swell, you grab your boards, head down to the coast and try and pop in for a surf. Easy breezy, turn your wetsuit round the right way, get changed by the van, wriggle into your swimwear, flash the locals - who cares right?

Maybe, back in the day, barre bottoms and barring all was acceptable. These days the general public aren’t as “easy breezy” as those cool old schoolers. Or maybe, you’re just not comfortable with taking your kit off in a public place. Fair play. We’re all chilled here. No offence caused either way. What if there was a way to get changed no further away from the waters edge than necessary, whilst checking the surf, listening to the tunes playing out your car, and keeping the cold off you? 

Surely not! Imagine an amalgamation of warm and dry, a revolutionary bit of kit to hide your bits… The Changing Robe. Or towel house as we like to call it. A portable home, changing room, and ultimate comfort blanket that you can store in your bag - no dramas. Ta-da, you appear as if from nowhere, in your vibrant Vivida Bikini get ready to turn heads and take on the head highs. You’re smashing it, you really are. 

Now you’re out of the water - cold, a bit sticky, a bit stiff, and lets face it- starving. You are trying to locate the car keys, which is a tough enough task when your fingers aren’t frozen and the rain isn’t pouring on your head. 

Start using a towel poncho and there will be no more scavenging around for a sandy, soaking old towel with a cartoon of Scooby doo on it, that once belonged to that strange aunt you never really see anymore. Imagine getting into a beautifully crafted, marble pattern, dry and tantalisingly warm changing robe. Get in, get undressed and feel the freedom. No more awkward slips, or dislocating your elbow to try and put your t-shirt on. This poncho shaped innovation gives you the agility to put the boards on the roof whilst wearing nothing but a towel without exposing the whole beach. Bonus- it’s got a hood!

If anything, the transmogrification of the changing robe really bodes the question: Who invented the rectangle towel, and why? Good start in terms of the evolution of drying, sure. Yet redundant when it comes to ease of water exit and entry for ye old water-sports folk. They never cover areas that should be covered, are impossible to hold up with one arm, and normally have questionable patterns on them. Ditch them. Recycle them. Use them to dry the dog. Treat yourself to a changing experience you will never go back on. 

A total changing solution for athletes regularly face to face with the elements. So get out there, face the wild winds, the relentless rain and the strong sun. Vivida’s robes have subtle premium details, like the cotton waffle hooded linings, making getting your privacy an even more luxury ordeal. 

Let’s leave the days of rectangle towelling high and dry, whilst we get wet and warm!

Vivida Lifestyle makes the world’s best changing robe for all watersports such as Surf, Swim, Kitesurf, Wakeboarding, Windsurf, Triathlon, Drive, Row and generally the outdoor lifestyle.

Made for changing sports clothing or wetsuits outdoors. The Vivida poncho towel design allows you to pull your arms in through the sleeves & get changed inside it. You can get out of a wetsuit, bikini or swimsuit, easily, while staying warm, dry & fully protected from the elements.

The best Poncho Towel Changing robes for Surf, Kitesurf, Swim, Outdoor Lifestyle