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Top 11 Windsurfing Spots in the World


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Top 11 Windsurfing Spots in the World

David Harris-Burland

Top Windsurfing Spots in the World

maui .jpg

1/ Hawaii


Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands, is the ultimate windsurfing mecca. Boasting adaptability for the most beginner of sailors, to the worlds best. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a sense of familiarity, no you haven’t been here before, it’s that Maui has been the location for every windsurfing photo shoot due to the staggering stretch of white sand beaches, low swinging palm trees and tantalising turquoise water. ‘Ho’okipa Beach' is the place for advanced windsurfers, rip lovers, risk takers, and reef rubbers to go. ‘Sprecklesville Beach' is the land for looping, jumping, tracking your tricks, and being wooed by easy going waves without rocks. ‘Kanaha Beach’ is Maui’s biggest expanse of windsurfing area, bliss for beginners and adored by the advanced. These heavenly havens all have “starboard tack”, toasty waters, and the most chilled out of vibes.

jeri .jpg

2. Brazil


Super, super, strong winds, sublimely flat waters for the superstylin’ freestyler, as well as those intermediates looking to improve their technique in high winds. Jeri is holding hands with the equator, therefore is pounded by an unfaltering, unsheltered, and unlike anywhere else in the world, trade wind from Africa smacking into Jeri with no brakes! Take it easy here, intermediate and advanced sailors only. Hardcore Nivarna. 

lake garda.jpg

3. Italy

Lake Garda

Two sturdy and reliable winds reside here, and they are certainly world class. The main winds at Lake Garda are ‘Peler’ & ‘Ora’. ‘Peler’ blows north to south and is the strongest early morning wind. ‘Ora’ blows in the opposing direction during the afternoons with medium intensity, good for beginners and tends to pick up again in the afternoons. The lake is littered with clubs to rent from and is safe as peanuts as you can’t float over to other parts of Europe, because it’s a lake! Perfect for a long weekend of blasting with mates, or a great European spot to take up the sport and learn. 

dakhla .jpg

4. Morocco


A boundless bay of smooth water on the Atlantic coast with unprecedented track record of wind. You can sail at Dakhla during ANY season, consistent and reliable winds to fire up any intermediate and flutter along with the newbies. The main lagoon is expansive and safe for those newbies fully equipped with rescue boards, and flat water. Whereas the ballsier folk can head over to the wave spot, which can host up to 5 metre waves and a delicious cross off wind. 


5. Caribbean


Bonaire, the island of love, wind, white sand beaches, and positive vibes. This staggering place of natural beauty is rich with knee deep water, beautiful coral reefs, countless smiling Caribbean locals, a flamboyance of flamingos, traversing turtles, and many, many, mojitos. Back to the windsurfing, ‘Lac Bay’ in Bonaire is perfect for beginners, or those who are totally new to the sport. You can take out big boards and small sails and have no risk of drifting into the Atlantic, whilst under the watchful eye of the ‘Jibe City’ dudes. For the more experienced sailors, high winds kick in around 8am, drop in the afternoon and pick up again at around 4pm, quintessential for evening planing, carve gybing and helicopter tacs. It does not get better than this deluxe Caribbean spot for a mellow yet high action windsurfing trip. Just go. 


6. Turkey


Easy, flat water, one of a kind restaurants, astonishing ambience. Lots of windsurfing chat after session to decode your technique, sail conditions, and wether or not you were on the right sized sail. Temperatures can fluctuate even in the summer, so bringing a summer wetsuit is recommended. High winds that tend to pick up later in the day and a beautiful expanse of water to explore. 


7. Mauritius

This stunning Indian Ocean sanctuary has long been coined the greatest place on earth to rig up. It’s the unparalleled amalgamation of flat water, gnarly waves, deep water, shallow water and high winds all rolled into one. The outer reefs give a wave rider the time needed to tackle the exotic rollers. One of the only places on the planet to almost guarantee wind and waves. No one has every regretted going to Mauritius. Real claim. 


8. Greece

Vassiliki, Lefkada

This friendly harbour village situated on the island of Lefkada has a sense of eternal sunshine and action. Tavernas, hot sun, quaint markets, mega mountain bike tracks and ‘Eric’n the scarily punctual wind that kicks in around 12:02 every afternoon to blow away hangovers and give everyone the kick up the behind they need to locate harnesses and rig up. Shallow areas close to shore hosts many beginner lessons with world class instructors, and taking a beeline over to the “roller disco” gives advanced sailors an abundance of water to blast, water start, carve gybe and race to their hearts content. There’s always a sneaky bleach blonde photographer perched on the safety tower taking photos on especially high wind afternoons. Ocean Elements, Club Vass, Neilson, and Wild Wind all have rental centres, bars and friendly faces welcoming you to another worthy world class windsurfing spot. 


9. Dominican Republic


With reliable, steadfast winds Cabarete is certainly in the running for world class. Its crystal clear carribean waters, eye wateringly white sands, engulf you in this island cloud of unspoilt and untouched heaven. It has an offshore reef for those brave enough to tackle the waves, and flat water for those looking to blast and play around. It’s always easy to touch back down on the beach due to the cross-off wind direction. Summer is the windiest season, so gather your Cabarete club group and get on that plane. 


10. Canary Islands


“Fuertaventura” literally translates to “strong wind”. This Canary Island hub hosts the ‘Windsurfing World Championships’ every July due to its consistently high winds and unbelievable conditions. Do you need any more convincing than that? The cross off winds, make it manageable, adventurous and the place to go if you’re looking for slalom or speed sailing.


11. Greece

Prasonisi, Rhodes

The southern tip of Rhodes is a super windy escape. This space is hugely wide, offering gybing paradise, flat water bays, cranking winds, essential territory for tacking technique worries. The smooth water, sensual vibes, and superb wind stats- it’s a spectacular place to take yourself on a trip of a lifetime.  

Written by personal trainer and windsurfing athlete TeamVivida India Bornhoft

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