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Vivida Lifestyle is an outdoor adventure lifestyle brand for the adventurers the dreamers the thinkers and the doers. Our mission is to inspire and support a way of living that is appreciative of life's beauty, while building the best product for adventure, kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, yoga and more! Wear Vivida. Feel Vivida. 


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Surfer Diet: 10 Top Tips to Getting a Surfer Body

David Harris-Burland

You’ve all seen it online. All you need to look like a surfer is a curtain of beach blonde hair, a deep golden tan, and a bikini that goes up your bum. 

Wrong. Here is the ultimate guide to help you conquer the image based waters of sexualised surfing and instagram influencers, in order to find your “surfers body”. 

Look in the mirror and see a ‘surfers body” because you surf, and you have a body. It’s obvious.

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11 Best Windsurf Spots in the UK

David Harris-Burland

It can be hard to catch wind of where to windsurf in England. You’re probably thinking; ‘Aren’t we too landlocked in London? Don’t I have to go abroad? Isn’t it going to break my bank balance? Surely there’s nowhere accessible close to home? Do I have enough time?‘ Think again! Britain is littered with coves, lakes, rivers, coastal gems and beaches that mean you don’t have to lug your kit, yourself, and lets face it, half your family half-way across the planet. Presenting to you, in no particular order, your windsurfing ‘to sail’ list…

So when the conditions are right, and the weather ticks all the boxes, wherever you are in the UK rest assured you can find a suitable sail spot to surrender to. Fight that first instinct of hibernating inside with the safety of a warm laptop and stop booking a flight to an all inclusive in Greece. The good old UK can deliver all your windsurfing desires…

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Enjoy Life - 3 Simple & Powerful Techniques to Unlocking Happiness | Vivida Lifestyle

shealan butler

So you want to enjoy your life more but your life circumstances are making it difficult? Here are some simple internal actions you can take. Exercise our choosing muscle. This is not going to happen overnight, it is a journey,  I repeat, this is a JOURNEY. But If you apply yourself, over a period of time you will find life is a lot more enjoyable despite what is going on around you. 

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