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Vivida Lifestyle is an outdoor adventure lifestyle brand for the adventurers the dreamers the thinkers and the doers. Our mission is to inspire and support a way of living that is appreciative of life's beauty, while building the best product for adventure, kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, yoga and more! Wear Vivida. Feel Vivida. 

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Vivida Lifestyle ambassadors


As leaders of the Vivida Lifestyle community, TeamVivida is made up of our visionaries, pro-team, and ambassadors. They come together to form a strong tribe of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers and doers that personify the Vivida Lifestyle. They are integral to where Vivida is now and where Vivida is going tomorrow. Spreading the word and driving the ethos and the project forward - both behind the scenes and out there in the action.

Their passions range from yoga wellness & fitness, extreme sports, music, adventure, art and the lifestyles. 


Vivida ambassadors represent the Vivida Lifestyle through their passions, adventures and personalities.  Each one of them is the very definition of an ambassador to the Vivida Lifestyle ethos, philosophy, outlook; they love what they do and do what they love. Their enthusiasm and continued support are indispensable in forming the face of Vivida Lifestyle. They are defenders of fun and inspire one another to pursue their passions and to inject positivity into life. Their enthusiasm for the Vivida movement is contagious and is a driving force for pushing the movement forward all over the world. 

Paula Novotná 

Pro Kiteboarder

Luchi Luz Amador | Mexico

Yoga, conscious living, mother

Max Lepage Keefe | UK

Pro Wakeboarder

Elise Gire | Mexico, Hawaii, USA


Nelson Gomez

Pro Kiteboarder. Team VividaLifestyle Colombia

Sami Abbass | Belgium


Pia Stallinger | Austria

Pro Alpine Skier & Austria National Wakeboarder

Jolie Schiffer | Germany

Yoga, SUP & Kitesurf

Julia Castro | Denmark & Spain

Pro Kiteboarder and Wakeboarder

Laia Lanaquera 

Kitesurfer. Owner of Laikitespots blog. 

Todd Morris | USA & Mexico

Kitesurf, Travel, Entrepreneur

Birgit Brosch | Tarifa

Strapless Kitesurf

Annie Chevrier | Canada

Kitesurf, Surf, Elite Volleyball, Outdoors

 Timo Rodi | Germany  Kiteboarding, Doctor

Timo Rodi | Germany

Kiteboarding, Doctor

Saul Zujus

World Traveller, Kiteboarder

 Basti Anwender | Germany  Kiteboarding

Basti Anwender | Germany


Alina de Mar | Mexico

Student @ World Class Kiteboarding Academy. Free soul attached to mother nature. 

Mathias Hofmeister | Switzerland


Mario Lobaton Gomez | Tarifa Spain

Antoine Verville | Canada

World Class Kiteboarding Academy Coach, Videographer

Melanie Austin | USA living in Madrid

Yoga, conscious living, mother

Shealen Butler | South African living in UK

Vivida blog 

Jorge Nofuentes | Tarifa Spain


Noelia Borkowski | Argentina

Kitesurf, Surf, Nature, Animals

Egle Marc

"I think Vivida people are those who live life to the fullest. Vivida motivates others to dream big and work hard for it! And I believe that happy people are the ones who’s dreams are stronger than their fear! We are all afraid of change and getting out of our comfort zone. But the only one way to grow and live a real life is to accept challenges. Tried it myself – works 100%. Now I love life and everything about it. I love traveling, meeting new people and trying new things. We just need to open our eyes, look around and appreciate what we have! We have to start paying attention to the small things in life."

Louka Pitot | Mauritius

2016 Junior World Kiteboarding Champion

 Camilla Ringvold | Norway  Kitesurfed the Atlantic Ocean 

Camilla Ringvold | Norway

Kitesurfed the Atlantic Ocean 

 Maximilien Daelemans | Belgium  Pro Wakeboarder

Maximilien Daelemans | Belgium

Pro Wakeboarder

Georgina Lees | UK

 Mowgli Léondelaplaya   
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      'I am travelling the world, our beloved Pacha Mama, steadily encountering interesting souls in all kind of places: whether the playground is the beach, mountains or in the concrete jungle; the sun is shining or snow is beautifully painting everything white: I will always represent Vivida in a very positive way!' 

Mowgli Léondelaplaya

'I am travelling the world, our beloved Pacha Mama, steadily encountering interesting souls in all kind of places: whether the playground is the beach, mountains or in the concrete jungle; the sun is shining or snow is beautifully painting everything white: I will always represent Vivida in a very positive way!' 

Nadine Stippler | Germany

Kitesurf, Snow Kite

 Lena Vanselow | Germany  Kiteboarding

Lena Vanselow | Germany


Joining the #TeamVivida Tribe as an ambassador

Holding the Vivida Lifestyle flag high

As part of TeamVivida, you embody the Vivida Lifestyle through your demeanour, your values and your outlook. You may be an adventurer; stretching yourself to explore, enjoy and understand the wonderful world we live in. A dreamer; inspiring positive change through health, nutrition, yoga, spirituality. A thinker; inspiring the community through stories, insight, knowledge, ideas. A doer; proactively pursuing your dreams. Somebody that makes things happen! You're somebody that dreams about doing things and goes and does it. You do what you love and you love what you do. 

Alongside your skills and vibrant Vivida personality, your ability to promote Vivida through the media is important. An ambassador stands out when he or she really recognises that they have been given this opportunity in return for proactively pushing Vivida forwards. Wearing your gear on the water, creating content, representing at events or competitions, hashtagging and mentioning Vivida on social media is key and should be seen as standard procedure (i.e. fundamental).

It is awesome to see how TeamVivida goes above and beyond the fundamentals. Each individual is unique and has their way of doing things, but If a member of TeamVivida is no longer listed above it's probably because they've failed to recognise that is a two-way street and it isn't fair to not open up your space to another Vivida soul out there. 

The strongest applications will be considered for being brought on as ambassadors. You become a leader of the community. There's no commitment or contract. Its based on a 'the more you give, the more you receive' philosophy.' 


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